Barack Obama-Hood Fast-Tracks $29 Million to Families of Charleston Shooting Victims


delusional-Obama Barack Obama really does think he’s a king. He’s now redistributing $29 million of taxpayer dollars to the families of the nine people murdered by Dylann Roof in Charleston, South Carolina. That comes to $3.2 million per family.

Where in the Constitution does it say the president can or should do this? This looks like theft.

One of the murdered men, Clementa Pinckney, was a Democratic State Senator and that might have something to do with the large payout.

Rev Pinckney

Rev. Clementa Pinckney

The victims of Fort Hood received nothing. In fact, they had to fight for their basic benefits and their purple hearts.

The families destroyed by the Aurora theater killer received $220,000 per family and the families of the murdered children in Connecticut received a total of $9 million.  The families of the murdered police officers receive nothing from what we can tell.

The man who would be king is playing Robin Hood with tax dollars to redistribute monies for the sake of political expediency.

If we give to one, shouldn’t we give to all or none at all?

Are we obligated to make millionaires out of Democrats who are victimized?

We are all very sorry about these murders but this seems over-the-top to me.

The Justice Department reported on the 19th that it will fast track the sending of $29 million to South Carolina to help families of victims of the mass murder of nine churchgoers at a historic black church in Charleston, a Justice Department spokesman said on Friday, according to Reuters and yahoo.

An unspecified portion of the money, allocated under the government’s national Crime Victim Assistance Formula Grant program, can be used to provide services to the families of victims of the shootings at Emmanuel AME Church, yahoo reported.

Tell me where I’m going wrong? This seems nuts to me.






  1. Aren’t the feds more culpable for the 13 slaughtered at Fort Hood than those poor souls murdered in Charleston? At the very least those killed on the army base should get equal compensation…no? Obama shouldn’t even need his phone on this one. Just his pen.
    God bless and keep all 22 victims and their suffering loved ones.

  2. Ok i don’t get it I’m not into any politics at all but they always fast track money during these thing George w Bush fast track billions for 9/11 and yes I know its more people which explains more money all I’m saying is every president does this and all future ones will to this isn’t news this isn’t an issue -.-

  3. Thus isnt 9/11. I understand what you’re saying but no president had given large reparations like this. It’s purely political and it’s unfair.

  4. NO WAY ! Our military gives the ultimate sacrifice and get 20 – 25,000 as a death benefit Who is kidding who ASSHOLES !

  5. Are you saying that they paid off victims’ (i.e., killed peoples’) families, or that they paid off pretend victims to “encourage” them to disappear for a while and keep their mouths shut?

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