Rock Star Maxine Promises Dems Will Keep Investigating Despite Mueller


Democrat rock star Maxine Waters appeared on a conspiracy show on MSNBC to emphatically state Democrats will continue to investigate Trump despite the Mueller report stating there was no collusion.

As usual, she’s doubling down on stupid.

Quite a few of these Democrats came out to say they would continue the witch hunt. There is no evidence, but they don’t care.

Attacking a political opponent because you disagree with him/her is wholly unAmerican. Maxine is also a mean woman.

She calls unwarranted investigations, “oversight.”

After all the abuse he and his family have suffered, the President told the pool reporters, “I just want to tell you that America is the greatest place on earth.”

He loves this country and a lot of people don’t.


  1. Is she a rockstar like sobama that can’t even hit an open E chord? Most glorious equal results for all comrades. Forward to the most equal day when Comradette Marxine will be preezy of the steezy. Yes we can! Si, se puede!

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