Rockingham School District Students Get Trained in Leftist Ideology


At a recent Rockingham School District meeting in North Carolina, two parents stood up and voiced their outrage over an alleged incident in which a teacher was accused of making the white students stand up and apologize for their privilege.

The Principal said the incident didn’t happen. The teacher who was accused is an avid supporter of Barack Obama and who knows how that might influence either side. What is more concerning is they are teaching Marxist ideology in the classroom.

The parents are facing a nearly $6 million shortfall at the same time they are paying for so-called “equity training” for school staff which includes topics such as “structural racism” and “white privilege.”

The School district is paying OpenSource Strategic Consulting tens of thousands to discuss “equity versus equality” and the “structural nature of racism,” a foundation for Marxism.

On its website, Durham-based OpenSource says its purpose is consulting that “addresses the leadership and organization development needs of nonprofits and other social change agents across the nation and globe.”

A closer look at OpenSource reveals a list of left-leaning “partners”, including the pro-illegal immigration organizing group El Pueblo, one report noted.

OpenSource notes one if its primary clients/partners is the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, which is a top funding source for progressive and leftist organizations in North Carolina.

All you need to know is that and the fact that they laud the collective and social justice. They are also teaching kids about all the alleged oppression in America.

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