Horrendous Rockville Rape And Our Illegal Immigration Crisis


“I’m afraid to have my daughter walk the halls alone”. ~ a Montgomery County High School parent

The horrendous rape-sodomy of a girl in a Rockville, Maryland high school led to a raucous parent and teacher protest at the school Tuesday. For those who haven’t heard, we posted information about the brutal crime on this link.

Montgomery County bills itself as an informal sanctuary county. Of the Montgomery school families, 51% are immigrants, 14% of the immigrants live in poverty, and 19 different languages are spoken in the school. It puts a terrible burden on the school and if people think you can teach classes like this, try it some time.

This is a disgrace.

The two students who raped the 14-year old child were 17 and 18 years of age but they were considered Freshmen. The young girl was a legal immigrant who came here for a better life. The 18-year old rapist, Hector Sanchez, was wanted by ICE for deportation.

Read about this disgusting crime.

The school superintendent is a fool who actually said, we’re not going to let this change how we feel about immigrants. Who said it’s about immigrants? What a jerk. This is about illegal aliens and illegal alien criminals. Our nation is taking in the Third World and we don’t know who these people are. Our immigration system is out of control.

A teacher at the school said they’ve had 2 beatings and a rape in three weeks.

A resident said, “This changed my attitude about a lot of things, as a former bleeding heart liberal”.

A parent spoke to Martha McCallum this evening.

The left-wing wants votes. Is it worth it? They pour these illegal aliens into poor neighborhoods where the people can hardly afford it. We can’t be a dumping ground.

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