Rockville Rapists Are Unaccompanied Minors Resettled by HHS


Baltimore Sun has confirmed that BOTH suspects in the Rockville rape case of a 14-year old child are illegal immigrants. The victim was a legal immigrant who was brought here with her family for a better life.

The U.S. did not protect her.

Both suspects were apprehended just last year by immigration officials and spent time in detention centers before being released to HHS who put them in the custody of relatives.

They are among the many tens of thousands of unaccompanied “children” being released on to our streets after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border each year.

Allegedly, Jose Montano was searching for his uncle and Henry Sanchez Milian, for his father. No doubt they are also upstanding citizens.

Both were targeted for deportation.

Montano, 17, and Sanchez Milian, 18,took turns raping and sodomizing and worse to a 14-year-old girl in a high school bathroom as she cried out in pain.

They are two people who had no business being here.

The superintendent of Montgomery County Schools and advocates said politicians should not judge immigrant children seeking a better life for themselves by one disturbing case.

What a jerk! They’re here illegally and these two were supposed to be deported. No one is judging all immigrants by these two.

“The unaccompanied minors are overwhelmingly young people who are coming here fleeing horrific circumstances of violence in their countries,” said Kim Propeack, political director at the immigrant advocacy group Casa.

There are 5 billion people in the world living in dire circumstances. Shall we take them all in?

These two were supposed to appear in court and never did but the Sun is blaming Immigration and Customs for not filing charges as if Obama and Jeh Johnson would have supported that.

To make matters worse, Sanchez’s attorney is claiming the brutal rape was consensual and of course he was only seeking a better life.

Under Obama’s immigration law, unaccompanied minors from Central America must be turned over to HHS which in turn resettles them in the U.S.

These poor boys who everyone says are good kids were fleeing violence.

Give me a break. Are people still falling for this BS?

Meanwhile HHS is trying to blame ICE though they were left powerless under the Obama administration.

Listen to the Superintendent say it’s beneficial for other students to admit them into school.

Bill O’Reilly commented on the lack of reporting in the case. He said he never saw anything like it in his 40 years in journalism.

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