Rod Rosenstein Can Investigate Himself in the Russia Collusion Case

John Solomon of Circa News writing for The Hill reported on Tuesday that the FBI uncovered a Russian bribery, extortion and money laundering scheme in 2009 to seize control over the U.S. energy market. The FBI sat on the investigation for four years while two deals went through with Russia doing exactly what Putin wanted.

One of those deals was the sale of the U.S. uranium mine and with it, 20% of U.S. uranium. The other deal gave Russia leverage over the U.S. energy market.

The DoJ and the FBI were fully involved, including Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe, Bob Mueller, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, the Clintons, and others.

The investigation was supervised by then-U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, the current Deputy Attorney General, and then-Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who is now the deputy FBI director.

Rosenstein and Mueller also sat on the CFIUS committee that approved the sale of 20% of US uranium reserves to Russia despite knowing Russia had bribed the Clintons for the illicit sale.

They did not notify anyone of the investigation, including Ron Hosko, the assistant FBI director in charge of criminal cases and Rep. Mike Rodgers, who chaired the House Intelligence Committee during the time the FBI probe was being conducted.

They covered it up.

During Wednesday’s testimony, Attorney General Jeff Sessions was asked about it by Senator Charles Grassley and he said Rod Rosenstein can decide if he will investigate himself. It’s up to him to determine if he should recuse.

Uh, duh…

Well if there is an investigation, I guess we know how that will turn out. Why bother investigating? The FBI and DoJ never solve any cases and they definitely never find themselves guilty. Where’s J. Edgar when you need him?



  1. I think we can assume Corker was probably “right” in his depiction of the majority being hateful of Trump. That being said I doubt any repercussions will result in an investigation, if there even Will be one.

  2. Corruption appears to have been rampant under the Obama administration. I find it so appalling that it looks like nothing will be done as is always the case. We pay for investigations that never seem to produce any results! The crimes are blatant, so many of them and so many people involved. So far only one person went to jail, and it was because there were no other indictments! We have major corruption in all of our government!

    • They were a criminal enterprise. The Clintons were a criminal enterprise and are the reason I became a Republican.

  3. The entire Washington Establishment is in Cover up mode. The case of unmasking by Susan Rice is now moot since Trey Gowdy has taken her word that she didn’t ask for the unmasking. It was done in “her name”. Gowdy considers that case closed.

    I haven’t trusted Gowdy for some time. He is sly and deceptive when questioning those who are in the “hot seat”. It’s noticeable how he struggles to ask the question in such a way that allows the person to answer that question without perjuring himself and give limited information.

  4. I am forever astounded by the ineptitude of our masters in D. C. ( Da’ Cesspool). Jeff Sessions continues to underperform. It is painfully obvious that quid pro quo is the law of the land.

    WASS-OYS (We Are So Screwed-Oh, Ye Suckers)

  5. The former undercover FBI agent, that was involved directly with the Russians on this deal has a gag (NDA) order on him, that was put on him by the Obama DOJ, the guy wants to talk to the senate committee, his attorney was on fox this morning saying he has damning info to blow this wide open, she said she has been in contact with the DOJ about this and is confident Sessions will probably lift the gag order, we shall see.

  6. Always thought Russia had something to do with Obama making such a huge Wildlife Preserve sealing off oil exploration in Alaska.

  7. It’s reported Grassley has requested information on the informant. Being this is the legislative branch, and considering separation of powers, testimony could be given to Congress and Maybe behind closed doors. If THIS happens I would be concerned it will be the same as Gowdy and Powers, with no further actions being taken.

    We must not forget Chaffetz revealed that Sessions would not pursue ANY investigations regarding the previous administrations. How many times did Conservatives think each and every criminal activity was the one.

    I believe the reason NO ONE will ever face justice is the fear of their administration facing the same fate when THEY leave office. That’s why corruption continues one administration after another. The ONLY alternative is to create an outside entity that has the same authority as the DOJ but only deals with Government corruption. I would suggest someone as Larry Klayman. He went after Clinton during his term to gain information. Republicans and Conservatives “praised” his work. Once Bush came into office circumstances arose where his team went after Bush. Conservatives weren’t so happy then. Only when he again went after Obama’s team he was in good graces again. He has shown to be the Most bi-partisan investigator and his zealous pursuit against corruption would make him an excellent candidate to head such an organization.

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