Rod Rosenstein Sees No Impropriety in the FBI Probes During Issa Questioning


Democrats, who normally dislike all law enforcement, including the FBI, made certain to declare their admiration and appreciation for the FBI during today’s questioning by the House Judiciary Committee. Republicans, for their part agreed, but mostly tried to get some answers form deputy AG Rod Rosenstein about what seems to be obvious corruption in light of the blatant hatred of the chief FBI investigator at the center of all the investigations regarding Hillary Clinton, General Flynn and many of the probes into Donald Trump.

Peter Strazok actually said he hates these people [“people” meaning Republicans] in text messaging with his mistress.

The investigation is tainted and in the view of most on the right, irrevocably tainted. The fact that Mueller hired nine Clinton operatives should have been enough.

Rep. Issa talked about Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page in his line of questioning but Deputy Rosenstein’s answer was unfulfilling.

Rosenstein is not aware of any impropriety.


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