Rod Rosenstein’s Spy Indictment Raises More Questions Than Answers


Rod Rosenstein announced an indictment against 12 Russians this week, but he never explained how the DoJ/FBI were able to conclude the Russians hacked Democrat emails when no one but Crowdstrike saw the original servers. The FBI never bothered to take possession of the servers.

The FBI never had access to the DCCC, DNC, and Clinton campaign servers, or at least that’s what we were told.

Rosenstein has 35 defendents – Russian intelligence officers – who will never show up for trial. It’s very similar to the Russian troll case which is turning into a fiasco. One of the Russians sent a lawyer to defend one of the companies and the DoJ doesn’t want to let them see the evidence.

Is this still America?

It is also interesting that Rosenstein is passing this case off to the DoJ National Security Division.  That’s the secret group involved in the FISA – 702 database searches of Americans.


Rosenstein is a liar. According to Rep. Mark Meadows, Lisa Page didn’t know about the interview requests for seven months. If accurate, that’s another Rosenstein lie. He is keeping witnesses and information from Congress. On the other hand, something is missing in this story. It was well-known that the congressional committees wanted to speak with her.


It’s also strange that Rosenstein felt the need to announce the indictment of 12 Russians immediately after Peter Srzok’s embarrassing performance at the House hearing and immediately before the President is to meet with President Putin.

Every time the President travels abroad, some Democrat or Democrat operative embarrasses the President. At the same time, the Democrat hacks led by Chuck Schumer are demanding the President cancel his meeting with Russian President Putin. What are they afraid of?

This is especially interesting given the fact that this information had already been uncovered.

President Trump wants to know why nothing was done during the Obama years since it happened under his watch. the left is calling him a conspiracy nut for asking the question.


This is a good time to mention their ace agent who was in charge of the Russia probe, Peter Strzok looks like he’s possessed. General Flynn’s son commented about it.

Reporter Paul Sperry noted, “Strzok is admitting that, on the job, he is undisciplined, unprofessional and had a habit of engaging in hyperbole. And yet Comey put this guy in charge of two of the biggest investigations in history. And he’s still technically employed by the FBI.”

Background Information Here:

After Strzok, Before Putin Visit, Rosenstein Announces Indictment of 12 Russians

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