Roe v Corp


Roe v Corp

by David Reavill

I became a stockbroker the year before the Roe v Wade decision by the Supreme Court. And as a citizen,  Roe v Wade was the most impactful High Court Decision I  remember.

US Supreme Court

But interestingly, Roe v Wade had little to no impact on my career. It was company policy, and I happily agreed that we should not discuss politics. Much less one of the most controversial court decisions ever. Corporate policy for most significant companies back then was “mum’s the word.” My job as a salesperson was to sell. I was not to campaign.

That’s no longer true for Corporate America!

In the hours since the Court announced its Decision, I’ve watched it transfixed as a major corporation after a major corporation has tripped over itself. Telling the world how they will provide financing and support for women employees to get an abortion. From Disney to Apple, Microsoft to Master Card. These companies want to ensure that everyone in America knows they support ending life in the womb.

For most of these corporations, it is unconditional support for abortion.

But why?

The latest poll by Gallup indicates that 35% of Americans agree that abortion should be unconditional. But two-thirds of Americans think that abortion should not be legal at all. Or that it should be allowed only for rape or incest.

So these Corporations are taking their pro-abort position, knowing that most of their fellow citizens don’t agree. They’ve crossed over from sticking to their business to becoming full-throated advocates.

Advancing the social position that they think is best for the rest of us. And let’s not make the mistake of thinking this approach to “reproductive rights”  is “fair and balanced.”

Far from it, I have seen companies supporting those women planning an abortion—everything from time off to travel arrangements to financial aid.

But not one mention. Not one iota of support for those women who want to take their pregnancy to full term.

It is, as far as I can tell, completely one-sided.

That will make sense if you are part of a Corporate Elite who believes you have all the answers. Including how women should deal with an unwanted pregnancy.

It is arrogance that repeats throughout history. But in this country, it was most recently seen in the mid-nineteenth century. It was a time like this when the nation saw tremendous advancement in our standard of living. Men with names like Rockefeller and Carnegie provided the industrial engine that helped everyone. But they concentrated their wealth and influence on themselves.

In today’s technological world, we see many of the same advancements. And many of the same type of elites. Who again are concentrating their wealth and influence.

So today’s elite dares to push against the tide.

This Supreme Court Decision, which overturns Roe v Wade, is not out-of-touch or unpopular. No indeed. If we took a referendum, and Gallup just did, it would show that two-thirds of the America Public would agree with the Decision.

It is the Corporate Elite that is out of touch. And I believe it is the Corporate Elite that will shortly prove unpopular.

Their complete opposition to today’s Decision is a step too far.

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1 month ago

The Rich Elite, i.e. the Davos World Economic Forum Cult believe there are too many people in the World and culling the herd of the Deplorables (Primarily non-white People) is a good thing. Yes, there are White Supremacist in the World, but they are the Davos World Economic Forum Cult who have bought off most of America’s Politicians. I used to believe America had the Best Politicians that money could buy, but it’s now apparent that we have the Dumbest Politicians money can buy. The Davos World Economic Forum Cult has openly said that there are 7 billion too many people in the World and believe their life can be an Utopia supported by Robots and AI instead of people.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

The Cancer certainly was present in the days of FDR. But it was not radically cut out. It slowly infected the educational system, especially among the so-called elite. It invaded other sectors. Now we see how it is eating away the minds of many top business people, educators, politicians, etc. I guess we could say it destroys common sense, and erodes morals to the point that the only “moral” is more for me.
It’s time to cut it out. The elections in November may be the last chance.
If, as the author suggests, there are still 2/3 still not yet lost. then we better get together and vote to elect like minded people or our children and grandchildren are doomed. A society that dooms its children must eventually fall.