Roger Goodell Must Be So Proud as New England Patriots Are Booed


Within a stone’s throw of the burial place of Sam Adams and a number of Founding Fathers, some New England Patriots knelt during the national anthem. The Foxborough crowd booed them and only stopped out of respect for the anthem.

The worst of America.

Fans watching the Texas-Patriots game booed as about 20 players knelt during the anthem. There were screams of “Stand Up”!

The President will be blamed for this display but the blame is squarely on the shoulders of the players and the NFL. Americans know that.

President Trump tweeted that if fans boycott, the disrespect will stop. Do people care enough about their country to give up a game they love for the season?

He also said this has nothing to do with race and everything to do with disrespecting our flag and our country. [Since it’s driven by the hard-left, that has to be true.]

Actor James Woods went on a Twitter storm.


  1. The NFL is, not so slowly, circling the drain. Ratings are down. Stadiums once bursting with fans are showing increasing numbers of empty seats.
    These millionaire ingrates should be reminded that this “civic action” was started by a failed QB, who wore derisive “pig socks” and NEVER EVEN REGISTERED TO VOTE!
    Could they be any dumber?

  2. We stand for the anthem and salute the flag out of respect for those who have fought, died and sacrificed so we can live and flourish in the greatest nation on the face of the earth. It’s not a cloth and a song. These symbols are an eternal reminder of how blessed we are to be Americans. Remember, millions of people would die to be in our shoes. Roger Goodell, you disgust me. It’s amazing you “stand” behind these whiny kneelers but denied the Dallas Cowboys request to wear a decal in honor of slain police officers. Your true colors are showing. Under God and under the American flag we are not white, black or brown, we are RED WHITE and BLUE. Congrats Colin Kaepernick, you made hatred of America the new celebrity fad. George Soros is so proud. Respect, honor and love of country isn’t a white thing or a Conservative thing, or a Trump supporter thing- it’s an American thing. It’s a reminder to the military families who have lost loved ones their fellow Americans recognize and remember their sacrifice. That’s why WE STAND.

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