Roger Goodell Wants $50 Million, Jet, Health Insurance for Life After Screwing Up Football


Up until this year, Goodell has been riding high with profits up and maintaining the respect of the owners. Since then, all people talk about is concussions, Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension, and the anthem. His poor handling of these situations hardly makes all the owners happy.

Nonetheless, Goodell wants a pay raise from $30 million to $49.5 million with a couple perks, including a lifetime jet and insurance for himself and his family forever.

Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones said he will file that lawsuit if the owners don’t have the right to approve the contract. He says they were misled and this extension of the contract can’t just be rubber stamped.

Brad Karp, the league’s outside counsel retained for this matter, said in response that Jones was uninformed or deliberately misleading other owners, a source told ESPN.

If Goodell doesn’t get his extraordinary package, most believe he will not walk away.

One NFL owner told ESPN that there are “several owners in this league who don’t make $40 million a year.” Another NFL executive told ESPN that the committee should pass a rule that prohibits Goodell from making more than the league’s highest-paid player.

This information comes via ESPN sources. Joe Lockhart, the executive vice president of communications, denied that Goodell had submitted such a written counterproposal.

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