Roger Stone Guilty on All Counts, Faces 50 Years


Roger Stone, a 67-year-old political gadfly, was found guilty today on all counts before a typical Washington establishment jury. These charges relate to the Mueller probe.

Andy McCarthy said on Fox after the announcement that the case was a slam dunk and “pretty straight forward.” The collusion was the questionable part but it was taken out. The President broke with Stone in 2015. Stone once advised Richard Nixon.

The counts include (seven counts): providing false statements to the House Intelligence Committee about communications with Wikileaks, obstructing a congressional investigation of Russian election interference by falsely denying that he had evidence to turn over, and witness tampering.

He faces a possible fifty years in prison, but he won’t get that.

The prosecution argued he deliberately lied about his use of intermediaries to get info about Wikileak’s possession and release of hacked Democratic emails. They said he hid the truth to protect Trump’s campaign.

Stone maintained that this made no sense since Trump’s campaign did nothing wrong and there was nothing to protect — Trump was already President. The defense also said Stone did not falsely deny having records related to the House probe since the probe was about Russia, not Wikileaks.

That defense would have only worked if he was a Democrat.

The defense also said there were no intermediaries so how could he have lied about intermediaries.

Witnesses said Stone was regarded as an “access point” to Wikileaks but the defense said these were mere boasts.

Witness tampering was with regard to his communications with radio host Randy Credico. Stone told him to go full Mafia but the defense said Stone was played by Credico [a very left-wing radio host].

The jury didn’t believe him.

Stone is 67 years of age, not particularly healthy, and his wife is deaf. He’s also broke or very nearly so. The judge is an Obama judge who was very hard on Paul Manafort. That doesn’t mean she will be, it’s just a concern for Roger.

This will be appealed but it doesn’t sound likely that he will be successful. He has been fundraising for his defense. Sentencing is February 6th at 10 a.m.

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