Roger Waters, Hate-Spewing Rocker


Speaking of haters, one of the players is Roger Waters and as a popular rocker, he has a big megaphone.

Roger Waters was a founding member of Pink Floyd, an extremely popular band of the ‘70s and ‘80s. He claims he is an advocate for human rights who opposes the Israeli occupation and Israeli government policies.  What he opposes is the existence of Israel.

At concerts, Waters has displayed a huge inflatable pig descending from the rafters and emblazoned with the Star of David, and dollar signs with images of Nazi swastikas projected on background screens.

That goes well beyond activism into anti-Semitism. It’s stereotyping and it’s hate.

Waters is a vocal proponent of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions targeting Israel. The BDS movement was started by Palestinian activists and the goal is to eliminate the State of Israel, as their leaders have said.

Waters seeks to financially cripple and destroy the Jewish state. It has been publicly hailed by the Hamas terror organization and has been the catalyst for violent attacks on Jewish students in university campuses around the globe.

Waters won’t perform in Israel and attempts to get other musicians to follow his lead. Fortunately, he ‘s not been highly successful.

He conflates the systematic genocide of Jews during the Holocaust as being no different than what is happening to Palestinians though that is clearly not true. One of his claims is that Israel practices “ethnic cleansing” as part of a “racist apartheid regime.”

He suffers no consequences from his bigoted rants.

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