Trump’s Sketchy Campaign Advisor, Hillary’s Creepy Past


Donald Trump’s campaign advisor Paul Manafort has ties to Vladimir Putin and other shady characters but can that compare to Hillary’s ties to corrupt nations throughout the world?


Paul Manafort appears to have taken over Donald Trump’s campaign as his senior campaign advisor. He lives in Trump Tower and has a long history with him. Manafort is an ally of Roger Stone, the sometime advisor to Trump who is known as the  dirty tricks guy.

The media has reported that Manafort is a competent political advisor with a colorful past.

Paul Manafort
Paul Manafort

Paul Manafort is a shrewd and tough political operative and he is a consultant to or lobbyist for controversial foreign leaders and oligarchs with unsavory reputations.

His reputation for taking candidates with high unfavorables and remaking them is well known.

Upon taking the position, he quickly told the RNC that Trump’s rhetoric was to win votes and that he would evolve and show “more depth”. Trump would change  “the part that he’s been playing”, Manafort assured them.

Trump soon after rejected Manafort’s comments and said he would not change. Trump told a crowd at a rally in Connecticut: “I’m not toning it down.”

Manafort then came right out and tried to walk back his comments, saying on Fox News that “we’re evolving the campaign, not the candidate”.

Word then leaked out that Manafort worked a consultant to the government of Saudi Arabia and to a group that apparently was a front for Pakistan’s discredited intelligence service, ISI.

Manafort is talented and built a successful lobbying business helping candidate Gerald Ford hold the nomination in the face of an assault by Ronald Reagan and then later working on Reagan’s successful campaigns. From there, he took on some rather shady clients, including Mobutu Sese Seko, of Zaire, and Ferdinand Marcos, of the Philippines, both crooked dictators who stole national wealth worth billions of dollars.

In 1985, Manafort and his first lobbying firm, Black Manafort Stone [as in dirty tricks buy Roger Stone] & Kelly, signed a $1m contract with a Philippine business group to promote dictator Ferdinand Marcos just a few months before his regime was overthrown and he fled the country.

In 1989, Manafort was brought before a congressional panel for allegedly working to steer funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development into a slum-like New Jersey real estate development and his excuse was, “You might call it influence-peddling,” he said, according to reports. “I call it lobbying.”

Politifact reported that Manafort has close ties to Russian-friendly leaders, but it is Manafort with the ties, not Trump.

In 2014, he gave disgraced Ukranian leader Vikto Yanukovych, an ally of Vladimir Putin, a complete makeover so he could win. Yanukovych fled the country amid the Maidan protests and the brutal crackdown by security forces in 2014.

Yanukovych was an ex-con, close to Russian-backed business interests in Ukraine. He presented as the ‘reform’ candidate and won even though he was as crooked as his opponents. He also had ‘high negatives’ similar to those of Donald Trump.

After Yanukovych’s 2010 victory, Manafort stayed on as an adviser to the Russia-friendly president and became involved in other business projects in Eastern Europe. In 2012, then-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Tefft told the newspaper Ukrainska Pravda that he had met with Manafort, though he declined to elaborate on the American’s role there, Politico reported.

Manafort said he honestly believed in Yanukovych.

This is being used against Trump in much of the mainstream media.

Because of his work in the Ukraine, John McCain decided to not bring Manafort on to his campaign. Ed Rollins however thought he was a good choice for Trump but Ed Rollins is a figure from the Reagan campaign and is using dated ideas.

It might be best if Trump stopped praising the Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin and if he dumped Manafort but there is no evidence Trump will fall for Putin’s conniving.

There will be much more of this as the campaign proceeds.


We are rolling the dice to some degree with Trump but we have a known quantity in Hillary Clinton. She sold out the United States in a devastating scandal – Chinagate.

The “Chinagate” fundraising scandal plagued the 1996 Bill Clinton-Al Gore campaign and Hillary was very much involved.  Chinagate aka Commercegate is the most serious scandal in U.S. history. It involves the transfer of America’s most sensitive technology, including but not limited to nuclear missile and satellite technology, apparently in exchange for millions of dollars in contributions to the 1996 Clinton-Gore re-election effort and the Democratic National Committee.

She and Bill, her womanizing, accused rapist husband, sold 25% of the U.S. uranium to the Russians – mine with a potential yield of 50% of our uranium.

Thanks to the Clintons and other secretaries, the Russians control almost half of our projected uranium in the United States. We are now hearing the Clintons made up to $140 million in donations from these deals.

This is a possible quid pro quo between Russia and Hillary Clinton’s State Department with Hillary at the center. It involves national security, big money and foreign influence in US government. One thing that is certain is Hillary Clinton sold us out to the Russians and you can read more on this link.

Please keep in mind that both Mitt Romney and the NATO commander General Philip Breedlove, and most of our generals, have recently warned that Putin is an ‘existential threat’.

Refugees are “masking the movement” of terrorists and ISIS is “spreading like cancer” among the refugees, Breedlove said. Also alarming are his comments about the Kremlin. Russia is deliberately exacerbating the situation in Syria to weaken the European Union, the commander said.

Breedlove said Russia’s bombing has “wildly exacerbated the problem”.

Russia hasn’t done a d@mn thing about ISIS. Their intentions are to destroy NATO and the EU which is why Trump has to be careful about how he handles NATO. There is also the fact that we are 90% of NATO and Obama has effectively destroyed it already.

A case can be made for Trump having ties to Putin through Manafort but a stronger case can be made for the Democrats and Hillary having stronger ties. She promised to continue Obama’s policy which got us to this place.

Hillary has taken hugs sums of money from shady characters in Saudi Arabia for one while claiming she supports women’s rights.

Read about some of that scandal on this link. If you don’t like Breitbart, google it, the sources are everywhere. It’s fact.

She compromised national security and has without conscience corrupted the State Department in getting them to cover it all up. The administration is working hard to exonerate her obvious guilt and they are corrupting the Department of Justice and the FBI. Is this what we want?

On this link, you can find a list of 22 of her scandals and does anyone even believe for a minute that she is capable of telling the truth – ever?

When Paul Ryan and the National Review and others try to bring Trump in line, they might as well be singing Dixie because Trump can’t do that and keep his followers.

All this being said, we don’t care who you vote for. Your guess is as good as ours.


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