Rookie Cop Assassinated by ‘Friends’ Only Charged with 2nd Degree Murder


Three men are facing ONLY SECOND-DEGREE murder charges after they were arrested Tuesday night in connection with the assassination of a Louisiana police officer. One of the killers was reportedly engaged to the 22-year-old rookie cop.

What does it take to get a First-Degree murder charge these days? Granted, we don’t have all the information, but these men killed an officer, assassinated her. There had to be some thought involved beforehand. They should get the death penalty, but we don’t do that anymore.

Shreveport police said Glenn Frierson, 38, Trevon Anderson, 26, and Lawrence Pierre, 22, were taken into custody in the death of Officer Chateri Payne. Ms. Payne was on her way to work the night shift Wednesday when she was fatally shot, KSLA-TV reported.

Police Chief Ben Raymond said Payne, who graduated from the academy Nov. 16 and was in her uniform when she was attacked and died within hours.

Anderson and Pierre, however, were both among the more than 2,800 people listed among Payne’s Facebook “friends,” the Shreveport Times reported.

Additionally, Anderson and Payne appeared in a photo posted to the social media platform the day Payne graduated from the academy and became a Shreveport police officer.

There are other connections.

Police have not confirmed the relationship between Anderson and Payne, but others who knew the couple confirmed the relationship.

Andersons’s home address is in the same block as the location in which Payne was shot.

They get to live for killing a cop in cold blood, but she doesn’t get to live her life. They’ll be out in time to still live their lives.

Killing police officers should have stricter penalties, at least, 1st-degree murder. It’s open season on cops.

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herbert r richmond
4 years ago

When a society stops honoring the victims of murder with capital punishment then the downward spiral of lawlessness will escalate. Prompting those who hate police officers to continue killing them..

Ray Bryant
Ray Bryant
4 years ago

Shreveport = NOLA of the north……when dimocrat mayors work to limit the number of white officers on the force, the selection becomes very limited.

Right after, Commie Mayor Mark Moreal insisted only residents of NOLA could be on the police force and removed most, if not all, white police officers, the headlines in the Times explained his lunacy.

“Officer kills partner over bad drug deal”