Roseanne Barr Leaves Twitter Over Racism, Comes Back Fighting


Roseanne Barr left Twitter for a while Saturday because of all the vile comments.

She called it quits over “anti-Semitism,” but her decision was short-lived, as devoted fans “convinced” her to “stay (with) them.”

The “Roseanne” sitcom star decided to leave “all social media,” aside from Instagram, over concerns that they provide a platform for “ant-Semitism.”

The left has been ripping into her without the nastiest tweets because she supports Trump, but the anti-Semitism had overwhelmed her. Roseanne isn’t even a conservative, but she thinks independently and chose the candidate she thought best for the country, given the options.

I don’t know who the anti-Semites are but recent polls show that Democrats now support Palestinians over Jews. It’s very concerning since the so-called Palestinians are almost all Hamas terrorists.

The media and many of the Democrats launched serious charges against Israel after they defended themselves against the Hamas onslaught the day the U.S. embassy was moved to Jerusalem. Few in the media supported the move and there were a lot of attacks on the Israeli leadership. It was sickening. Jerusalem has always been the capital. The Iranians are using it as an excuse to start trouble on the border and the left is going right along with it.

Even when it was clear most of the murdered “Palestinians” were mostly Iranian Hamas terrorists, all the media talked about was the one sick infant who was brought to the front lines to be killed. Even when videos turned up showing “Palestinians” getting up from under burial cloths laughing, the media and the Democrats trashed Israel.

Jewish kids are getting abused in the colleges and it is a real concern for our nation’s future.

Roseanne said she had to leave in good conscience.

She changed her mind a few hours later after the supporters convinced her they need her support. She gives voice to those of us who have none and she can help fight this hate disease that makes social media into a sewer.

The assault began the minute she said she was back, but her supporters are defending her. The same thing happened with James Woods a while back but he came back stronger than ever.

Rosanne basically just wants unity. Is that too much to ask for?

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