Rot In the Republic! Dems Have a Plan to Stop Trump Win or Lose

Eric Schneiderman’s gone but many more will take his place.

The Democrats [socialists] have a strategy to stop the President and the Republican Party win or lose and they can do it. We aren’t talking about riotous ‘protests’ or lies in the media, although those will continue. The plan is much worse.

Most of us have heard by now that should Democrats win, Nancy Pelosi will use the power of the subpoena to tie up the administration. There will be hundreds of lawsuits and hearings aimed at Republicans. The Democrats, now beholden to the socialist wing of their party, will move to impeach the President and Justice Kavanaugh. Adam Schiff made it clear that as the chair of the House Intelligence Committee he will prove the Russia-Trump collusion probe must continue. Pelosi threatened “collateral damage” and Mad Maxine Waters, the most corrupt Maxine, will be in charge of the country’s finances.


BUT, do you realize that they can and will jam up the Trump administration and Republicans if they LOSE?

Democrats have been pouring tens of millions of dollars into attorney general races throughout the country. The plan is to flood the zone with investigations after Democrats win the seats. This has gone largely under the radar.

The attorney general races are a golden opportunity to grow the ranks of the Democrat prosecutors suing or hunting for criminal charges against the President, the administration, and allies.

New York alone has more than 100 lawsuits or probes against the President and they brag about it. The Democrat attorneys general are currently suing over regulations, border security, oil and gas policies and more.


The idea is to overwhelm the system, and with so many sympathetic activist judges, it will be hard to get anything done — they hope. Every illegal alien will sue and every regulation eliminated will be an issue.

One example was reported by Fox News. Sean Shaw, who is on the ballot in Florida has sworn to join the far-left attorneys general in D.C. and Maryland to sue Trump over the “emoluments” clause of the constitution, first conceived by socialist Elizabeth Warren. These particular attorneys claim that the President’s businesses are dealing with foreign entities and that presents a conflict.

It’s already been reviewed by numerous attorneys and found to be a frivolous complaint. These are the same people who had no problems with Hillary’s fake charity.

The attorneys have used their power to try and stop Trump on DACA, EPA regulations, temporary travel bans, so-called family separations, and federal funding for abortions.

The funding going into these races by far-left obstructionist billionaires is staggering.

FiveThirty Eight mapped out the key races.



  1. The court system has proven to be the only real group that has power in this country. It was beyond shocking to me that one random judge somewhere could overturn Pres Trump’s orders. The secret society of judges need to be overthrown by _____ means, they are the most destructive force in the country apart from the media.

  2. No surprise. The Dimms and Soros tried the same thing with secretaries of state, in a blatant attempt to infiltrate the voting process.

  3. Is that to be their M.O. now whenever they lose? Jam up and paralyze whatever government body they don’t agree with with lawsuits?

    Here in Wisconsin Dems couldn’t accept it when Scott Walker won in 2010, and staged a recall in 2012, which Walker won by a wider margin than the first time. They haven’t done the lawsuit thing here – yet.

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