Routine San Francisco Train Warning! Don’t Sit on the Syringes!


In San Francisco, plastic straws, employee free lunches, and ICE are all going to be banned, but not syringes. Those you can probably get for free.

Syringes are readily available on the trains and they are a safety hazard.

“Please look around you for needles before you sit down. There’s at least one needle in car 1551 and there may be others. Thank you,” a conductor said Thursday, according to Buzzfeed technology reporter Caroline O’Donovan.

She said the warning was made over the loudspeaker at every stop.

“Once again, please make sure there are no needles in or around your seat before you sit down,” the Bay Area Rapid Transit conductor said, according to O’Donovan’s Twitter account.

The tweets come after a San Ramon woman in May reported being pricked by a needle after she sat down on a San Francisco-bound BART train.

“When I felt that, I got up and looked at what was poking me and I felt it and didn’t know what it was and realized it was a syringe tip,” Linda Quan told KRON4.

Quan said she reported the incident to authorities and, in addition to getting a hepatitis vaccine, she now must have her blood tested every three months until around the end of 2019 to make sure she didn’t contract any diseases from the needle.

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