Rove RINOS Implore Republicans to Pass Immigration Reform



Photo of an unauthorized person climbing border fence – the future of the Democratic Party

Karl Rove and more than 100 donors have sent a letter to Republicans urging immigration reform that includes ‘legal status’ for illegal immigrants.

Carlos Guittierez, former Bush Commerce Secretary, organized the effort. Guittierez is famous for saying English should not be the nation’s official language.

The letter begins:

Dear Republican Members of Congress,

We write to urge you to take action to fix our broken immigration system.

Is our immigration system broken or is border control broken?

The letter continues:

To fix our immigration system we need meaningful reforms that will (1) secure our borders, (2) provide a legal way for U.S.-based companies to hire the workers they need while making it impossible to hire workers here illegally, and (3) take control of our undocumented immigration problem by providing a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants who pay penalties and back taxes, pass criminal background checks, and go to the back of the line.

It sounds exactly like the senate immigration bill S744 which purported to fix the border and stop illegal immigration but didn’t. There is bipartisan lying on the immigration reform issue. I urge people to read the Senate bill for themselves. I’ve linked to it here several times.

The latest Pew Research poll shows that 54% of unauthorized immigrants lean towards or will definitely register as Democrats while only 2 in 10 will register or lean Republican. The remainder are uncertain or refused to answer.

Democratic candidates have garnered a greater share of the Hispanic vote than Republican candidates in every election over the past three decades, according to Pew. Out of the total number of registered Hispanic voters, 70 % are Democrats or lean Democrat while only 22% are registered Republican or lean Republican.

This leaves a couple questions unanswered. My first question is if these people are all “in the shadows,” how is it they can be polled? Secondly, why do Republicans want to put people on a path to citizenship when they are going to vote Democratic?

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