Roy Moore Accuser Admits She Forged Part of Yearbook Notation, Who Was in on It?


Beverly Nelson stepped up the severity of the accusations.

Update: 3:00pm EST: Fox News issued a correction or update — however you want to look at it — to describe Nelson calling the forgery “notes”. Fox also failed to mention that she said she changed the date and location. She appears to have added the last name but that is unclear. The fact that she misrepresented it is what many of us would call fraudulent.

The Roy Moore accuser who waved a yearbook around with Gloria Allred by her side admits she FORGED part of the inscription allegedly written by the senatorial candidate from Alabama.

Beverly Young Nelson, who said she was molested by Roy Moore when she was a teen, presented a yearbook with a sketchy notation she said Moore made. Allred refused to submit the yearbook for analysis by an independent expert. Instead, she insisted on impossible conditions to include a Senate hearing for the candidate not even in the Senate.

Beverly Nelson told ABC News she wrote part of the disputed note in her high school yearbook that she and famed attorney Gloria Allred presented as proof the then-30-something Moore sought an inappropriate relationship with her in the late 1970s. Nelson still insisted that Moore wrote most of the message and signed the inscription, but said she made “notes” to it.

“Notes?” Seriously Beverly?

Part of the inscription was written by her, according to Fox News. ABC News reports it’s  the date and location.

“He did sign it,” Nelson told ABC’s Tom Llamas.

Moore, 70, denied signing it.

No matter how you look at it, it’s a disaster for the Allred team and ABC News.

At least two of Nelson’s family members, one her stepson, said she was lying about the entire incident.

Her testimony was key because she said she’d testify under oath, she claimed he tried to assault her, and she bolstered all the other accusations, bringing them to a whole new level.

People already suspected it was a forgery.

It would be nice to know if Allred and CNN and ABC News were in on the lie. Why didn’t they have this checked by an expert before reporting?

Notice that the first report from CNN showed two different ink colors.

The second showed only black. That seemed odd.

Say, Hillary, tells us again how we have to believe all the women.

Listen to how convincing this liar is.

Problems were noted prior to this.

Roy Moore said he wouldn’t sign the image as D.A., standing for District Attorney, in 1970 because he was Assistant District Attorney at that time.

He also said, “Those initials as well as the date under the signature block and the printed name of the restaurant are written in a style inconsistent with the rest of the yearbook inscription. The ‘7’s’ in ‘Christmas 1977’ are in a noticeably different script than the ‘7’s’ in the date ’12-22-77.’ I believe tampering has occurred.”

For all we know, it could have been signed by Roy Smith.

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