Roy Moore Pulls Away from Soros Candidate with an 8-Point Lead


Roy Moore with wife Kayla

An Alabama Senate poll released Thursday has Roy Moore declaring that “our campaign’s momentum is through the roof!’

The poll, conducted by Atlantic Media and Research, had Moore with an 8-point lead over Democrat Doug Jones, reported.

Roy Moore is low on cash but the Soros candidate Doug Jones is flush with cash from out-of-town secret donors and top officials connected to Barack Obama.

The Super PAC campaigning against Roy Moore won’t reveal its donors before the election but high-level Obama campaign officials worked at getting $1.1 million in contributions in November to  pro-extreme abortion, anti-gun candidate Doug Jones from what appears to be shell corporations.

The election is Dec. 12.

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Jim Hawkins
Jim Hawkins
6 years ago

The only thing the Moore Campaign needs worry about is illegal voting. Democrats have that down to a fine art.

I have heard that some sleazeball in Alabama has registered thousands of felons to vote. I know that felons are prohibited from voting in Presidential elections. They should also be prohibited from voting in all elections to government positions at any level.

I also read that some sleazeballs in Mississippi are making plans to vote in the Alabama election.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.