Rubio Admits Legalization Comes After Border Control


Rubio pants on fire

Photo of Marco Rubio’s pants on fire

Everyone should read the immigration bill that was moved forward in the Senate today by 82-15 vote. As I have been saying since the Senate immigration bill reared its ugly head, it “legalizes” everyone first with a vague promise of future border enforcement.

Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan have been running commercials funded by liberal Mark Zuckerberg that give the impression the Senate immigration bill enforces strict border enforcement.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) gave a Spanish-language interview to the Univision network Sunday, June 9 2013 in which he said the following: “Let’s be clear.  Nobody is talking about preventing the legalization.  The legalization is going to happen.  That means the following will happen: First comes the legalization.  Then come the measures to secure the border.  And then comes the process of permanent residence.” [More information of draft immigration bill on this link]

Funny but I don’t remember hearing him say exactly that in a single ad.

Information about the Senate immigration bill is being spoon-fed to us without full disclosure.

The administration claims we are doing a good job with border enforcement but border patrol and ICE say that is not the case.

We have terrorists and drug dealers coming across the southern border. Why don’t we build the fence and hire more law enforcement to man the borders first? Neither party is looking out for US citizens.

We have 15,000 mid-East “students” here on visas who are now missing. Why aren’t we looking for them?

Israel has been monitoring the Hezbollah terrorists coming across our borders for more than a decade.

The following Channel 2 report is from 2010 but it should give people an idea of what illegal immigration actually means for our security.

If we have de facto amnesty as Marco Rubio says, how does this bill help rectify that? Read the bill and you will see it does not. It does not stop illegal immigration nor does it secure the border.

The claim that the people here illegally will not get welfare or healthcare is absurd. Since when is the US a country that lets people starve in the streets?

The people here illegally will be made “legal” within six months. There is no way 11 million plus people can be properly vetted in six months but they will be “New Americans” as the law dictates and they will not be as easily deported if they are dangerous.

Personally, I don’t care about fees or taxes or wait times for citizenship though that won’t happen despite their claims, I want the borders controlled first.

What say you?

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