Rubio Is Evolving on the 2nd Amendment


Senator Marco Rubio attended the CNN hatefest townhall on Wednesday and went up against student victims, parents and teachers battering him and Dana Loesch. CNN prepared the questions for the students although only one student complained. You can judge how well the senator held up and what the purpose of the event actually was by watching the video.

The most cynical would say the town hall was a CNN get-out-the-vote effort for Senator Nelson. Nelson will likely run for governor against Rubio. One thing many believe is that CNN exploited traumatized children and parents to conduct the event. There are reasons people believe that. CNN, in particular, has engaged in a weeklong effort to gut the 2nd Amendment and cast blame for the mass shooting on the President, the NRA, and Republicans.

Senator Rubio’s Gun Views Are Evolving

Senator Rubio’s positions on gun control are evolving according to The Hill’s reporting.

“American politics is the only part of our lives where changing your mind based on new information is a — is a bad thing. We do it in every other aspect of our lives. And we’ve got to and we have to stop doing that as well,” Rubio said.

Rubio evolved quickly. He said he supports raising the age limit for purchasing a rifle from 18 years to 21. Regulations on the size of magazine clips are also up for grabs in his mind. Finally, he’s opposed to arming teachers – any teachers according to The Hill.

He is going against the NRA on these issues most likely.

As far as the age limit, the NRA’s stance on the age of buying a rifle is based on these same young people being allowed to go to war at age 18. If they can use a rifle – even an assault rifle – in war, why can’t they buy one for their own use? Critics say they aren’t allowed to drink, it’s the same thing. Actually, it isn’t. The 2nd amendment protects gun rights, not drinking.

“It’s not the position of the NRA because I think that if we are asking young men and women to — to go and serve their country, that they should be able to also have a firearm,” Dana Loesch told CNN.

Other issues are the fact that young farmers, hunters, people who live in areas with wild animals do need a gun.

A few days ago, Senator Rubio had an A+ rating with the NRA and has accepted millions in donations from them.

Rubio was booed and jeered during the “debate”. The haters and victims did, however, praise him for having the courage to attend. It was also, unfortunately, an opportunity for him to get bashed at CNN’s hate-Republican-fest.

Rubio Had Guts to Go

Rubio downplayed his decision to show up and lamented the current state of the national discourse, accusing both sides of retreating into their own corners and not talking enough.

Prior to this, critics have complained that Rubio is risk-averse and too scripted, according to The Hill.

That’s not his biggest problem. Rubio’s real problem is his efforts to promote open borders policies, namely the Senate Immigration Bill of 2013.

To give the bill an aura of charm and legitimacy, the immigration bill was dubbed the “Gang of Eight” bill. Having read it, thousands of pages of it, I can say that the bill merely promoted open borders policies.

Better background checks are something he is considering. Depending on what thar looks like, it might be an excellent idea, but how do we get the FBI to do their job? That is a real problem. In a number of these school shootings, the FBI fell down on the job.

There is also a problem with other government services and state and local venues not notifying the FBI check system. Why didn’t the school respond appropriately and report this violent boy to the police? Why didn’t police act when he was reported more than 39 times? Why didn’t the deputy go in with his gun and try to stop the killer? Why did his therapists say he was a “low threat”.

By showing up for the hatefest, Rubio did give Bloomberg’s Everytown a talking point. They warned Republicans they will all get this reception. It was more of a threat. The gun grabbing reps from Everytown ignored the fact that this was orchestrated by the hard-left CNN.

Everytown Sends a Warning

CNN has been exploiting the young traumatized victims to further their agenda and Everytown is focused on the end-goal by any means. That doesn’t mean the participants were unwilling or are brainwashed.

“We were hopeful to hear Sen. Rubio’s willingness to reconsider his opposition to common sense gun laws, but if politicians choose to side with the NRA against policies like background checks on every gun sale … then they should expect that their constituents will hold them accountable,” said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety.

Everytown wants to hurt Rubio’s chances for the governship of Florida and promote Senator Nelson’s. That is a fact.

Another fact is that the future of the Second Amendment could be dim thanks to years of prep by the hard-left.

Surveys have indicated that the immigrants coming in – legal and illegal – are opposed to the 2nd Amendment. Schools have been anti-Second Amendment throughout the nation. The future for the right to bear arms is not good, if you believe polls run by people of the left.

African Americans say that gun control is more important than gun rights (72 percent to 24 percent).

Hispanics prefer gun control by 75%.

Asians, who are at 5% of the population will triple over the next thirty years and they too are anti-gun.

About NRA President Wayne LaPierre’s speech, Rubio said Republicans have control of both Houses and the White House. Therefore, it’s up to them.

Actually, we only have 39 Republicans voting to build the wall and end chain migration. With that in mind, he can hardly say Republicans have the Senate.

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