Rubio Explains Why He Blamed Trump for the Riot in Chicago


trump rally 1

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasich came out against Donald Trump after his Chicago rally was overwhelmed by leftist activists last evening. Their point was that Trump has brought many of these problems upon himself with his rhetoric such as telling people to physically put down protesters.

They should have also looked into who was behind the protest/riot last night and condemned that also. That was a mistake but not everything they said should be ignored. Their comments would have reached more people if they also blamed the domestic terrorists at the event. The groups behind it are hard left and they are the same people who have rioted in the past.

Rubio addressed it this morning on Neil Cavuto’s Saturday show. Hear him out in the video below so when you go to the voting booth, you can make a well-informed decision.

Rubio is correct that a “significant number of Republicans won’t vote for him” in a general election and Trump does make it harder for many other Republicans to support him.

It is Rubio’s belief that he misuses people’s anger but Neil said that he (Rubio) seemed to blame last night’s event on Trump. It’s unfair and Rubio conceded that.

Listen for yourself, it’s worth the time:



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