Rubio Gets His Immigration Bill Orders Directly from Obama



rubio is obama's puppet

Photo of Marco Rubio, Obama’s puppet

If you are wondering why the Republicans and Democrats are getting along so well on immigration reform, it is because they are all part of the ruling class in DC. They are the Washington elite. Marco Rubio and his elitist DC friends in both parties are doing the bidding of the White House in pushing the immigration bill.  That is from the NY Times, not me.

Marco Rubio might have met with Obama directly. In any case Obama is pulling Rubio’s strings according to the NY Times.

Republicans think that the immigration bill will help their image with Hispanics and Obama needs a win to distract the public from his scandals and poor performance domestically and abroad.

The NY Times has described a White House in complete control of the immigration bill process:

So while lawmakers from both parties are privately relying on the White House and its agencies to provide technical information to draft scores of amendments to the immigration bill, few Republicans are willing to admit it. Some are so eager to prove that the White House is not pulling the strings that their aides say the administration is not playing any role at all.

“President Obama’s concept of engaging Congress is giving a speech that nobody up here listens to,” said Alex Conant, a spokesman for Senator Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida, who is an important supporter of the immigration legislation. “If passing legislation is like making sausage, then this White House is like a bunch of vegetarians.

Obama has a cadre of lobbyists and other policy makers who are orchestrating this:

Inside Room 201, the administration has gathered a collection of its own Congressional lobbyists, policy specialists and experts from an alphabet soup of the agencies that will have to put the immigration legislation into effect if it passes. They all moved into the vice president’s offices on June 10, setting up laptop computers and thick binders filled with proposed amendments on an oval conference table.

“We have folks who know the Senate really well, who know the players, who have been through this before so they know exactly what Senate staff needs,” Ms. Muñoz [director of the White House Domestic Policy Council] said. “We are deeply, deeply engaged.”

The NY Times said that White House and administration officials have been in frequent touch with Republican senators as the lawmakers have to come up with dozens of amendments on tighter border security and other parts of the bill they deem insufficient.

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