Rubio Won Coming in Second or Third and Trump Didn’t Have a Victory


Trump Clinton

If you listened to Fox this evening, you might have thought the real winner of the South Carolina primary was Marco Rubio and that Donald Trump didn’t walk away with a victory.

With 99% of the vote in, Trump has 32.6% of the vote, Rubio has 22.4% and Cruz has 22.3%. The rest are in single digits with Carson holding up the rear.

The commentators don’t understand that about 60% of the Republican base does not want an establishment candidate. The establishment and their media supporters think that if everyone drops out but Rubio, all the votes will go to Rubio. Do they honestly think Cruz’s votes will go to Rubio? They’ll go to Trump – they are the big non-establishment guys running. Carson’s might go to Trump or be split.

They still think Trump is going to crash and burn soon.

A “celebratory” Marco Rubio sounded as if he won the South Carolina primary. South Carolina is a “place for new beginnings,” he said while surrounded by joyous supporters including Trey Gowdy, Nikki Haley and Tim Scott.

You would have heard Stephen Hayes say that Trump didn’t have a “victory” though Hayes then explained what he meant — the Republican race is not over and Trump lost 2 out of every 3 primary voters.

Fox commentators said Cruz is finished, ignoring the fact that he is neck-and-neck for second place with Rubio. As of 9:56EST, Cruz was .1% behind Rubio.

Rubio spent $50 million dollars on ads and had the endorsements of Nikki Haley, Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy and still isn’t a clear second place winner, yet, Fox, reflecting the prevailing establishment views, thinks he’s a big winner.

Jeb Bush suspended his campaign with the idea that his single digit percentage of supporters will go to Rubio.

Maybe, maybe not.

Donald Trump only spent 8.5 million dollars on ads and Jeb Bush spent 80.9 million dollars.

Fox acts as if Ted Cruz doesn’t exist. He only spent 16 million on ads and had the entirety of the establishment against him but is tied with Rubio.

Chris Stirewalt, a reliable RINO voice for Fox, said that Rubio “had a great night” and “did better than expected.”

Trump trashed George Bush with South Carolina coming up — South Carolina strongly supports George Bush. He threatened to sue Ted Cruz, had a brief battle with the Pope, said he likes the Obamacare mandate, and he still won with 33% of the vote. He won most of the counties in South Carolina. He’s winning the Evangelicals.

Trump’s a phenomenon who has tapped into the mood of many Republican primary voters.

Dr. Ben Carson and Governor John Kasich said they will not drop out but they will be pressured to give up so their votes can swing to Rubio. At least that is what the establishment believes.

Cruz gave a very classy speech, praising Jeb Bush and Justice Scalia. He said it won’t be the “Washington power brokers making the decision”, it will be “we the people”.

In other news, Hillary Clinton finally beat the angry old red diaper baby Bernie Sanders, 52.5% to 47.4% with 84% of the vote in. She recently had a double-digit lead which she squandered. She kept her hold on black voters.


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