Rude, disrespectful students loudly boo the First Lady in Baltimore


Middle and high school students loudly booed First Lady Melania Trump as she entered an event to discuss opioid abuse. As she spoke, the students spoke to each other and played on their phones. What are they being taught?

It wasn’t only booing, but it was bad.

The First Lady has been nothing but elegant, giving, and lovely. Melania didn’t deserve this.

This was in Baltimore where the President called out Elijah Cummings for doing nothing about the rat infestations.

CNN reporter Kate Bennett noted on Twitter that the students were rudely talking “throughout her five minutes of remarks.” It doesn’t say much about the schools today. Why aren’t the staff controlling this? Did they give them the okay to do this?

“In my three years covering [the first lady] at events, that was the worst booing she has received at a public event where she has given solo remarks,” White House reporter Kate Bennett added.

The booing continued throughout. Responses on Ms. Bennett’s thread were even worse. Adults were applauding the rude and disrespectful behavior. Some said they didn’t care, but they should. One day, this disrespect for authority will be aimed at them. Children generalize what they learn.

What a society.

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