Rudy Giuliani Thinks Dems Will Dump Adam Schiff


Rudy Giuliani believes Democrats are angry with Adam Schiff for “putting Biden in everyone’s crosshairs.” He thinks they could end up dumping Schiff as chair.

The devastating Four Pinocchios by Washington Post fact-checkers didn’t help the deceitful chairman.

Schiff shamelessly lied about having contact with the fake whistleblower prior to his filing a written complaint.

We doubt the Democrats will ever dump such an accomplished far-left Democrat. He is who they are now. While he is fully compromised, that’s all fine with Democrats as he leads the ‘impeachment inquiry’

Word has it that Democrats will possibly bring out another whistleblower with more first-hand information. We can’t wait.

In the meantime, we like the new Trump ads.

Remember when Schiff-ty tried to collude with Russians to get dirt on ‘naked’ Donald Trump.

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