Rudy Talks Ukraine, Yovanovitch, & Evidence


On Monday, the President’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani began tweeting his case of Ukraine and DNC corruption. He promises that there is more to come.

He made an appearance on The Ingraham Angle last night and explained his recent remarks about former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch who he describes as corrupt. He also took credit for forcing Yovanovitch out.

Adam Schiff, a liar according to the IG’s report, said Rudy is confessing to Trump’s crimes, but it is not a crime to fire an ambassador.

Reporters at the White House say senior aides in the White House wish Rudy would go away since he is hurting the President. Rudy’s response is that they are buying into the Democrat spin. He believes that exposing corruption cannot hurt.

The former prosecutor and New York City mayor has numerous Ukraine witnesses who want to come to the United States to testify about the corruption under the Obama administration.

We hope Rudy has the goods as he says. We have found it’s best to never underestimate Rudy.


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