Ruining the USA! Another State Might Soon Become a Sanctuary


[Illegal] Immigrant rights groups and Democratic lawmakers control both chambers of the Colorado legislature and their goal is to prevent ICE and law enforcement from working together to deport people here illegally, even criminals. The only person standing in the way is a pro-illegal alien Democratic governor.


One bill introduced by Rep. Adrienne Benavidez bans state and local officials from using any public funds or resources to help federal civil immigration enforcement.

It would also prohibit local law enforcement agencies from signing contracts with ICE that would allow officers to assist with immigration enforcement, much like the contract Teller County has that allows its deputies to carry out certain immigration proceedings.

Another measure (Virginia’s Law) by Rep. Susan Lontine enables illegal aliens in Colorado to contact fire and law enforcement officials without being targeted for detainment.

Virginia’s Law would also designate public venues, such as hospitals and schools, as “safe spaces” for immigrants, or places where they couldn’t be detained and would block local law enforcement agencies from temporarily housing ICE detainees in jails. Virginia’s Law would also require local law enforcement officers to advise individuals of their right to decline interview requests from ICE.

The newly-elected Governor Polis has said many times that he would not support Colorado becoming a sanctuary state, despite his longtime advocacy on behalf of illegal aliens. He also said he won’t get in the way of any area or city that declares itself a sanctuary.

The Colorado Independent which reported the story supports open borders.

We are losing our country. Foreigners here illegally and hard-left Democrats are ruining the country. We no longer follow the rule of law. Thank a Democrat.

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