Rule Could Actually Take Away Our Guns


Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) is worried about another Obama Fish & Wildlife rule that is aimed at stopping the trade of ivory. The rule, he says, could lead to confiscation of antique firearms and other goods made of ivory, such as musical instruments.

Sen. Alexander

Sen. Lamar Alexander

“For those of us who are concerned that this administration is trying to take away our guns, this regulation could actually do that,” Senator Lamar Alexander (R) said Wednesday.

“If this regulation is approved, when you decide to sell a gun, a guitar or anything else across state lines that contains African elephant ivory, the government would actually take them away — even if you inherited them or bought them at a time when the sale of ivory was not illegal,” he added.

The law criminalizes the trade of legitimate antiques. Older guns and instruments contain ivory. Many are historically significant.

Musicians say it will make it difficult for them to tour with their instruments.

Jobs are also at stake with this overstated rule by Fish & Wildlife.

Alexander wants an exemption for goods made prior to 1976 when the ivory trade ban was put in place.

“I support stopping poachers, and I support stopping the trade of illegal ivory,” Alexander said. “What I don’t support is treating … musicians, antique shops, and firearms sellers like illegal ivory smugglers. … This legislation will stop the administration from taking away our legal guns, guitars, and other items that contain legal ivory if we try to sell them across state lines.”

Gibson Guitars has already been victimized by Fish & Wildlife overreach.

Listen to Sen. Alexander, it’s well worth it: