Ruling: Being Offended Doesn’t Give You the Right to Stop Others


The “offended observer” theory of standing has no basis in law,” Justice Gorsuch determined, as reported by The Daily Signal. In other words, because you don’t like it, you can’t keep others from worshipping.

The VA put Bibles and other religious symbols back into rooms after a 2018 Supreme Court ruling striking down the “offended observer” theory. They did more than that.

According to The Daily Signal:

The VA revised directives to permit religious literature, symbols, and displays at agency facilities following a string of incidents in recent years in which individual medical centers banned Christmas carols and a Christmas tree, chapels removed Bibles, and chaplains faced restraints on religious expression.

Generally, the VA had inconsistent policies across the country.

Officials designed the changes to protect the religious freedom of veterans and their families.

The new guidelines, which went into effect last month, referred to the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing a cross-shaped memorial to World War I dead to continue standing on public land in Bladensburg, Maryland.

The high court’s decision highlighted the important role that religious symbols plays in the lives of Americans and their consistency with constitutional principles.

Score one for God and freedom.

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