McCain’s Ruling Elite Offer Citizenship for Millions In Exchange for Nothing


Senator John McCain and far-left Chris Coons planned an immigration bill that gives amnesty – citizenship – to all Dreamers without a border fence, just a possibility of one after a study. President Trump said that’s a nonstarter.

Just like Obamacare, the senator from Arizona lied to his constituents about building the “dang fence”. He’s typical of the ruling elite.


McCain wants to end his days with a legacy as a man of vengeance and a man of the left. This is who he has always been but he has nothing to lose now.

He was a hero once, many years ago, but since then he hasn’t done anything worthwhile. He has been steering the GOP left for decades while demonizing anyone with opposing opinions. People he disagrees with are “wacko birds”.

His immigration plan offers citizenship with a plan to form a commission to study border security because we apparently haven’t had enough studies.

Better yet, John, let’s study citizenship while we build the dang wall.

Don’t you love how they can call it bipartisan now? Do any. of these people remember why Donald Trump was elected? Anyone? Anyone?

McCain is one of the ruling elite. This is what they do. They say one thing on the campaign trail and do something entirely different when they get to the swamp. Trump is different and people like McCain can’t stand it. For the elite, it’s offensive to do what the people, the peons, voted them into D.C. to do.

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