Rumor Antifa Could Be Involved in Amtrak Derailment – Not Likely


Update: The Amtrak train was traveling at 80 mph in a 30mph zone when it derailed.

An Amtrak train that derailed in Washington on Monday may have struck an object on the track before careening off the track and onto the busy interstate below. Three people are confirmed dead and 70 are in the hospital with injuries ranging from minor to life threatening, according to KIRO7.

According to the Associated Press, an official briefed on the investigation revealed that preliminary details indicate that Amtrak No. 501 struck something on a newly implemented high-speed route that had already raised concerns for city officials. It has not been confirmed what object may have impeded the path of the train.

The train recently underwent renovations and was put through weeks of inspection and testing.

Mike Cernovich and John Cardillo are wondering if Antifa could be involved since they have in the past said they poured concrete on train tracks. They had that information up on their website and allegedly took it down after the train derailment today. That in of itself means nothing and we don’t think there is any reason to believe Antifa is involved. We are only telling people about the rumor and where it came from.

Frankly, if Antifa is going to make claims like that, they need to be questioned and made to feel uncomfortable. It could discourage them from their menacing threats.

Passenger described the accident:

“There was a lot of dust all over the place, and in order to get out of the car we had to kick out the window, the emergency window, because the emergency doors were not functioning,” Karnes, who says he was near the front of the train, later told CBS News in a special report.

“There was a little bit of creaking initially but there wasn’t a whole lot of warning,” he added.He said he saw people with cuts and bleeding, as well as one person on the ground who was not moving.

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