Rush Explains That Muslims, Illegals, Felons Turned Virginia Blue


Virginia has D.C. government workers in the North who push Virginia purple but that has been that way for some time. There is something else at work that turned the state blue and it was part of a plan.

The Democrats said they were going to turn it from purple to blue and they have with mass immigration of illegal aliens, Muslims and voting rights for felons.

Rush Limbaugh explained on his show how it was done. An article two years ago described how Virginia was overrun by illegal aliens according to a plan to turn the state blue.

The purposeful flooding of illegal aliens from specific areas of the country and combining it with allowing felons to vote gave the left the perfect combination to push Virginia blue.

The Obama administration said women and minorities pushed the Democrat governor over the top but that isn’t true, it was the mass immigration and the felons who did that.

The leftists are doing this in other red states, including Texas and South Carolina. If we don’t wake up soon, the country will be blue and there will be one party, a leftist party running the country. They will have the only political voice and all the power in the nation. We’ve seen what they’ve done with power and bad policies in our major cities — picture that in the entire country. They have destroyed patriotism, deleted God, opened our borders, increased government dependency, invited people to come illegally for freebies, mocked morality, and erased our history. We have communists running some of our major cities. We are on a bad trajectory.


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Jim Hawkins
Jim Hawkins
6 years ago

That is the only leftists can win….stack the deck with illegal voters. Once they gain control, the only way for sane people to get it back will be armed revolution…a civil war.

Liberalism is a mental disorder!

Louis Bertrand
Louis Bertrand
6 years ago

Looks as if Rush has the Leftie corrupt Democratic Party number.