Rush Limbaugh – His Amazing Answer to the “If We Knew Then” Iraq War Question


Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show two days ago that if we knew then what we knew now, maybe we wouldn’t have gone into Iraq. If we knew that the Democrats would oppose the surge and use it to rip apart the country and cause turmoil in the U.S. and if we knew then that Obama would withdraw all the troops from a relatively stable government and let ISIS come in, then maybe we shouldn’t have gone in.

In the following clip, Rush poses some of his own gotcha questions and begs Republicans to not accept the premise that Iraq is solely a Republican failure. Rush played some great and damning Bill Clinton clips in this audio.

The purpose of the gotcha questions is to absolve Obama of all blame and distract us from Hillary’s incompetence.

Rush wants people to know that the leftists are currently rewriting history and trying to sell the idea that Bush knew there were no WMDs. It’s the only way to get Hillary into office. She is a walking disaster and the Democrats have to destroy her opponents to get her into office. This is what the Democrats are known for.

Asking Republicans about the Iraq War is a way to ignore the present debacle under this president and bring us back to 2003. About Iraq – that war was approved by Congress – a large majority of Congress, including Hillary Clinton. The Afghanistan War was a war demanded by Democrats – it was the good war as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton put it.

There is no way to make a reasonable decision about the past sitting in our armchairs. We are using an anachronism against Republicans but letting Hillary Clinton slide. She voted for the same war.

Leftists now want to make the case that intelligence agencies knew Hussein didn’t have WMDs and Bush and Cheney wouldn’t listen. That’s the new meme and it isn’t true. All international intelligence confirmed U.S. intelligence reports that Hussein had WMDs.

The leftists are trying to blame Bush for ISIS. It is clearly Obama’s fault.

Rush responded:

“No, we did not make a mistake. ISIS, the Middle East, is a problem today because we got somebody incompetent running the show. I don’t expect them to say that. I wish they would, but in their own way. For crying out loud, how is it that Obama is exempted from any and all responsibility for everything that’s happened during his presidency? And that’s another thing that question’s trying to do, absolve Obama of any culpability, any responsibility. I know, we’re all asking, “When are the Republicans going to learn?”

Bush is the one who warned us about ISIS, an offshoot of al Qaeda, and he warned us against withdrawing the troops.

Going into the war wasn’t a mistake because Bush and Congress had intel that showed Saddam Hussein had WMDs, Rubio said courageously on the Chris Wallace show. It’s clear that Rush was impressed with Rubio. Rubio gets it and many don’t.

Rush wants Republicans to stop answering the question.

“If” is for children, he said. It’s not a serious question and presidents don’t have that luxury. “We didn’t know then”, Rush said.

Rush has his own gotcha question he’d like the media to ask.

“I got one. Knowing what we know now, should somebody can Hillary if Bill Clinton should have just gone ahead and killed bin Laden when he had the chance several times? Knowing what we know, should Bill Clinton have pulled out of Somalia, Black Hawk Down? Because that’s what convinced bin Laden that we were a paper tiger. Bin Laden said so to a ABC reporter, John Miller. He said (paraphrasing), “Yeah, when I saw you guys cut-and-run from Somalia, I knew you could be had.” So knowing what we know now, should Bill Clinton have pulled out of Somalia when he did?” 

Marco Rubio handled Chris Wallace brilliantly. There is an audio clip of his response on the next audio.



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