Rush Limbaugh on the Honest Discussions of Race the Left Won’t Have


The Democrats’ relationship with African-Americans hasn’t worked out in fifty years. We see the same anger, the same complaints…something needs to change, however, it’s not about to change any time soon. The way Democrats treat discussions of race provides ongoing proof.

Michelle Obama used the occasions of a dedication at The Whitney Museum and a graduation at a Tuskegee University to lament racism. On his show yesterday, Rush Limbaugh discussed Michelle’s decision to complain about what has existed instead of choosing to be uplifting. What purpose does it serve, Rush asked.

CNN raked him over the coals last night.

Richard Cohen writing for WaPo said Rush criticized Michelle for “the sin of being black”. Cohen wrote he sometimes thinks Rush is “the dumbest man in America”.

The left always claims they want an honest discussion but they will viciously attack anyone who tries.

Rush said:

Richard Cohen in the Washington Post remarks on it, his headline today: “Michelle Obama Criticized For the Sin of Being Black.” No, she wasn’t! I didn’t criticize her for being black, and I didn’t say being black is a sin. I didn’t get anywhere near saying that. These people don’t even listen. The problem with the conversation on race, whenever you engage in it, is that liberals don’t listen to what you say.

They knee-jerk react, as we all know.

You know, I’m torn even talking about this because I don’t want to give these people any amplification what they said, ’cause right now they’re sitting there in their small universe of CNN and small universe of Washington Post.

Read Rush’s post on it here.

Listen to Rush address the attacks:


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