Rush Limbaugh’s Brilliant Response on Behalf of Sean Hannity


Rush Limbaugh began his show Tuesday by lambasting the media attacking Sean Hannity for not revealing a nearly non-existent lawyer-client relationship with Trump’s personal lawyer. After praising Hannity’s character, he said the drive-bys are trying to distract from their own conflicts of interest.

Rush pointed to the many conflicts and they are stunning.

The drive-bys are trying to say that Hannity hid his conflict of interest with Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen. Rush threw it back at them and spent nearly two segments at the beginning of his show reviewing all the conflicts of interest between the media, the Mueller team, the FBI, DoJ and the Clinton and Obama machines.

Limbaugh played a clip of the clone media all repeating the same thing — Hannity was out criticizing the DoJ and the FBI raid on Michael Cohen while hiding the fact that he hired Michael Cohen.

They were all parroting the same thing.

We now know the truth, that all Hannity ever did was ask Cohen a couple questions about real estate. No money ever exchanged hands. The media is still trying to make this into a scandal.

The voices on the clip included Jackie Kucinich, Jake Tapper, jeffrey Toobin, Mattthew Miller, Gloria Borger, Ari Melber, John Harwood, Mika Brzezinski, and Ron Brownstein. All have serious conflicts of interest and the hypocrisy is mind-blowing. When you finish listening to Rush, you will realize it’s impossible to get fair reporting with this crew.

Rush noted that Jackie Kucinich is the daughter of former Democrat congressman Dennis Kucinich. She’s in the Drive-By Media: The Daily Beast.” He noted that it isn’t necessarily a conflict. Rush then pointed out the conflicts of the rest of these biased media puppets.

“Jake Tapper was the next voice. Jake Tapper, 1992 served as campaign press secretary for Democrat congressional candidate Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, who is — wait for it — the more than likely [Chelsea’s mother-in-law] of Chelsea Clinton. In 1997, Jake Tapper was a spokesman for Handgun Control, a gun-control advocacy group. CNN and Tapper failed to disclose Tapper’s anti-gun activism in advance of the town hall that he hosted with the Parkland students. Did any of you know any of this?”

“Why wasn’t Tapper forced to disclose that he holds an anti-gun bias while hosting a town hall made up of anti-gun bias? Jeffrey Toobin was the next voice you heard. Jeffrey Toobin is the son of former NBC News infobabe Marlene Sanders. Toobin worked for the Iran-Contra special counsel Lawrence Walsh. Toobin is a lifelong friend of Supreme Court justice Elena Kagan. And Toobin was a member of the infamous JournoList. JournoList was started by a wunderkind at the Washington Post at the time, Ezra Klein. It was a list.”

The infamous Journolist of 2007 was a cabal of over-400 members of the leftist media colluding to quash any and every criticism or fact-based doubt about Mr. Obama’s Constitutional eligibility to hold office, to intimidate any critic into silence.

This is how the journalists all know to repeat the same phrases of condemnation in the many montages we see. They discuss it and plan it.

Rush continued with his list of conflicted Democrats.

“Toobin was a member of the JournoList, and it was reported not too long ago that Toobin had an extramarital affair and a child with a lawyer named Casey Greenfield who happens to be the daughter of journalist Jeff Greenfield.”

“Matt Miller. Matt Miller was the voice here who said, ‘He’s gonna have to answer questions about why he didn’t disclose the relationship.’ Matthew Miller, Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder’s spokesman, former communications director for the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee.”

“He’s also worked for Senator Robert Menendez and the 2004 John Kerry presidential campaign. How many people watching CNN that know Matt Miller was Holder’s spokesman, former communications director for the group that elects Democrats to the Senate and for Robert Menendez (recently on trial for corruption charges), and worked on the John Kerry presidential campaign? That’s a lot to disclose. I don’t think Matt Miller disclosed any of it.”

“Gloria Borger. She was next [the next voice on the clip]. This is not really anything other than curiously interesting. Her son Evan is married to Mary Anne Huntsman, daughter of politician Jon Huntsman Jr. Ari Melber. This is the guy saying, ‘He was out there criticizing the DOJ, the FBI raid on Michael Cohen all the while hiding the fact he hired Cohen.’ Ari Melber has worked for Democrat senator Maria Cantwell for John Kerry’s presidential campaign. He is divorced from fellow reporter Drew Grant, reporter for the New York Observer.”

“Has he disclosed his ties to the Democrat Party, to the John Kerry presidential campaign? Anderson Cooper. He’s a Vanderbilt. His mother was Gloria Vanderbilt. His father was Wyatt Emory Cooper. Just that he has links to the elite, of course. Nothing scandalous there. John Harwood. John Harwood is a noted anti-Trumper and anti-conservative. He’s been at the New York Times… I think the Wall Street Journal.”

“Harwood’s father was a reporter for the Washington Post at age 11. Harwood appeared in a 1968 RFK for President ad. When WikiLeaks dumped John Podesta’s emails, John Harwood was all over ’em sucking up to the Clinton campaign. Mika Brzezinski. She is the daughter of Zbig Brzezinski, the late Zbigniew Brzezinski, and former national security adviser for Jimma Carter. She was married to TV news reporter Patrick Hoffer and is now engaged to Scarborough.”

“I don’t know if they got married at all. But she didn’t disclose that she was dating Scarborough while everybody watching the show knew it.”

“And Ron Brownstein. Ron Brownstein was the last voice you heard. “The idea that in any normal newsroom you could go on and do that having this kind of relationship with the person you’re talking about and not disclose to it your audience, you know, is just extraordinary.”

“Brownstein worked for Ralph Nader. Uber-leftist Ralph Nader. His first wife was Nina Easton of Fortune magazine. Brownstein’s current wife is Eileen Nicole McMenamin, the former communications director for Senator John McCain. There’s a whole bunch, and that doesn’t even… We haven’t even gotten to the conflicts on the Mueller team and at the DOJ and on the Comey team, and wait ’til you hear those.”

Rush continued: “How often does ABC News divulge that George Stephanopoulos was a member of the Bill Clinton war room, among other things designed to destroy any woman who came forward alleging that Clinton had had an affair with her or some kind of sexual dalliance, working with James Carville? I mean, the guy never went to journalism school. He’s not a journalist. He’s a political activist and consultant disguised as a journalist. How often does ABC disclose it?”

“F. Chuck Todd! F. Chuck Todd’s wife is a Democrat activist. He’s the host of Meet the Press, NBC head honcho. She makes lots of money working on the Bernie Sanders campaign! Jake Tapper back then, his wife was a regional field manager for Planned Parenthood, in addition to Jake’s anti-gun activism. CNN regularly reports on Senator Cory Booker. Do you know Jeff Zucker, who runs CNN, has a 14-year-old son who was awarded stock options potentially worth millions from Cory Booker, a United States senator?”

“Via connections awarding stock options to Zucker’s 14-year-old kid! Claire Shipman, senior correspondent ABC News, is married to Jay Carney, Obama’s White House press secretary and Biden’s before that. Virginia Moseley, CNN vice president, Washington bureau chief, is married to Tom Nides, deputy secretary of state under Barack Hussein O. And then there is David Rhodes and his brother, Ben Rhodes, and that’s relevant as we get into the Mueller conflict.”

“More than 30 so-called journalists left their profession to go to work in the Obama administration or on one of his presidential campaigns, according to the Media Research Center. That’s Brent Bozell’s invaluable group…”

“Let’s see. Who else. Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da. Oh, we have lots. CBS News President David Rhodes. CBS News president David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes. Name is spelled R-h-o-d-e-s. Ben Rhodes was a top foreign policy adviser to Barack Hussein O while his brother is the president of CBS News.”

“Ben Rhodes, the brother of the president CBS News, was the man behind the Benghazi cover-up and the disastrous Iran nuke deal, and it was Ben Rhodes who often bragged about how easy it was to mislead people, including the media, into believing the Iran deal was something that it wasn’t! Well, how hard would it be to deceive the news media when your own brother runs CBS News?”

“Martha Raddatz is an info-babe at ABC News. She often serves as a moderator for presidential debates. She did moderate a Trump debate. I don’t recall if it was during the primaries or during the presidential campaign. But she went toe-to-toe with Trump. She fashions herself a foreign policy expert. She’s a journalist. But she’s tight with the State Department and foreign policy specialists because it’s incestuous.”

“They all have the same agenda, the same goals where the United States and the world and global government is concerned. And I remember Martha Raddatz just giving Trump all kinds of hell based on the fact that in her mind he was stupid and naive and ignorant, didn’t know what he was talking about. Because he was criticizing the Obama administration for announcing days in advance military operations. And Martha Raddatz could not believe that Trump would dare criticize the great Obama.”

“And so Martha Raddatz is saying (paraphrasing), ‘Well, you don’t understand the way certain things work, Mr. Trump. Maybe they were psychological ops. Maybe Obama was trying to scare people.’”

“…Imagine this, folks. Ben Rhodes and David Rhodes, brothers, one of them runs CBS News and one of them is working to advance Obama’s Iran deal and other foreign policy things. As Victor Davis Hanson writese, imagine, ‘What if both ABC News and CBS News were now running mostly favorable news accounts about Donald Trump’s administration, rather than the media’s 90 percent (on average) negative coverage.And imagine that one of Donald Trump’s chief advisers and a deputy national-security adviser was the brother of the current CBS News president, while the sister of the ABC News president was another one of Trump’s top national- security and energy advisers.’”

When Mueller was the FBI Director, his chief of staff was Aaron Zebley who recently represented Justin Cooper.

Justin Cooper “testified that he had set up Hillary Clinton’s private server and then used a hammer to destroy some of her mobile devices, leaving the FBI unable to acquire them during its investigation. Clinton’s email server — the domain — was registered to Cooper himself while Clinton was secretary of state.” As Victor Davis Hanson asks, “How much collusion was necessary to coordinate destroying 30,000 emails, smashing hard drives, and finding the proper Washington [lawyer] to ensure that the … FBI never charged perpetrators with a federal crime?”

Rush also discusses Jeannie Rhee, an alumnus of Robert Mueller’s law firm, WilmerHale.

“And she was another Mueller attorney who had represented someone deeply involved in a recent Clinton scandal.” She has ties to Ben Rhodes. “…she is a huge donor to the Hillary Clinton campaign, and she’s on Mueller’s special counsel investigation team.

She not only represented the Clinton Foundation, and Obama’s deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes Obama’s national security adviser.

As Rush said, “This woman investigating Trump, along with Mueller, represented the Clinton Foundation, which was selling Hillary’s presidency for years to foreign donors and washing the money through the Clinton Foundation. She represented Ben Rhodes, who is the brother of David Rhodes, who runs CBS News. Ben Rhodes, Obama’s foreign policy architect for Benghazi.”

Rush asks, “So was Jeannie Rhee representing the Clinton Foundation while some of her present associates at the DOJ and the FBI were supposedly investigating it? How is it that it’s nothing to see here when a person on Mueller’s investigative team’s worked in his law firm, donated to the Clinton campaign, represented a Clinton concern under investigation, meaning defended somebody under investigation? How does that person end up on an anti-Trump investigation?”

There is more. Listen:

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