Rush reacts on Fox to impeachment, “we are watching pure raw hatred”


Rush Limbaugh appeared on Fox & Friends this morning at his request, mostly to talk about his charitable gear that supports the Betsy Ross flag and benefits Tunnels2Towers. It’s a wonderful organization. He doesn’t make any profit. Rush spent the first six minutes or so reacting to the impeachment efforts by Democrats and he didn’t hold back.

What we are witnessing, he said, is “pure raw hatred.”

Nancy Pelosi falsely claimed yesterday that the President said Article 2 allows him to do whatever he wants to do. That was a lie.

Rush went back to look at it and noted that Nancy Pelosi took the President’s Article 2 comments completely out of context. The President was being grilled by George Stephanopoulos this past week when he said Article 2 allowed him to fire Robert Mueller if he wanted to, although he didn’t fire him. His comment was made only in this very narrow context of firing Mueller.

Brian Kilmeade went on to ask Rush about Nancy not allowing critical legislation to pass. Listen to his answer to that on the clip below.

They are “almost sickeningly destroyed” by their efforts to get rid of Donald Trump, Rush continued.

As Rush said, even after the President leaves office, Democrats said they will “keep going as if he’s John Gotti.”




  1. He is right on, The Democrats are symbolic with The Communist Party of Russia without the firing squads, Nancy thinks she is a Queen, pretending to be an angel of mercy and love, pure propaganda.

    • Agreed Herbert, but as we all have experienced in life, what goes around comes around…and this will come to incredible fruition this November 8th, 2020,!!

  2. I think Nancy and the other Dim-o-craps are AFRAID that the Donald will expose their corruption. Almost all those who go to Congress come out filthy rich because they get to participate in sweetheart deals. Nancy is especially corrupt, but so is Biden who took MILLIONS from Ukraine.

  3. Isn’t it curious how democrats have subpoena power right before elections like they did in 2018? That’s their MO to smear the opposition and distract from cheating in elections. This time is serious. Nancy wants the president out. She can easily turn the republicans senators against him, and destroy any chance republicans have in elections, without Donald Trump.

    • Exactly how can she “easily turn the republican senators” against Trump? Why would they vote against their own interests? Sounds like more of the “sky is falling” BS. Keep the faith.

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