Rush says he knows why Mueller’s NOT COMING to testify!


Mueller is really dragging his feet about testifying on The Hill, even though Democrats think they will help him impeach Trump since they’re all on the same team. Rush Limbaugh thinks he knows why Mueller isn’t jumping at the chance.

“The bottom line here is that Mueller doesn’t want to, and the media is beside itself because they think they’re on Mueller’s team — and Congress, they think they’re on Mueller’s team. They’re asking for the coach to come up and give them the pep talk,” he said on “The Rush Limbaugh Show” Friday.

Robert Mueller hasn’t said he would come and as Rush said, “Mueller doesn’t want to come.”

“They want Mueller to come and finally tell ’em that there was collusion and that he knew it, that Barr will not let him say so, and Trump won’t let him say so! They want that, and Mueller doesn’t want to go talk to the team,” Limbaugh said during his radio show.

Mueller and Congress are beside themselves because they think they are on Mueller’s team! He “doesn’t want to talk to the team.” The reason is Mueller doesn’t have anything to tell them. If he did, he’d be there.


“If Mueller doesn’t want to talk, do you know what it means? It means he’s got nothing to tell ’em that he knows they’re gonna want to hear. If Mueller had things to tell them that they wanted to hear, he would have been there by now,” he added, noting that even if Mueller does testify, Democrats and critics will be “disappointed and mad” as there won’t be anything in his testimony to satisfy them.

“All Mueller knows is that if he goes up there and talks to ’em, they’re gonna be disappointed and mad at him. He doesn’t want them mad at him, and the press and all these Democrats on Capitol Hill, they think that Mueller should know that they’re on his team. See, they’re convinced that Mueller has got more information than Barr has released, that Mueller has more information than what’s in the report,” Limbaugh continued.

“Bob Mueller’s like anybody else in that town: ‘Give me a really good puff piece in the Washington Post and I’ll do anything for you,’” Limbaugh said Friday. “If he thought there was a great Washington Post Style section puff piece waiting, he would have been up there by now. But Mueller knows he doesn’t have anything to tell them along the lines of what they want to hear.”

“They’re convinced that Mueller has got more information than Barr has released, that Mueller has more information than what’s in the report. And Mueller is essentially saying, ‘I don’t got nothing, I never had anything, and I’m not gonna come up and tell you that.’ So they’re very, very depressed,” Limbaugh said.

Go to about 39:00 on the mark on this link to watch the video of the show.


  • Mueller knows he will get some interesting questions from the republicans, he also knows about Barr having US Attorney John H. Durham look into this coup against Trump and the IG report coming out soon, he knows he has to be very careful when answering questions, the dems are not going to put him in a perjury trap like they want to do with Barr, he won’t testify and Nadler won’t make him !!!!!!