Rush Scores a Knockout of the “Smartest People in the World”, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama


Business Insider called Rush Limbaugh, a conservative radio host, a far-right conservative commentator, not because he is far-right, but because he is conservative and doesn’t agree with them. Another problem is he is effective. Limbaugh is traditional and that’s evil in the minds of the far-left. Limbaugh is one of the few voices hitting back in support of a President vilified unfairly 24/7.

Limbaugh hit back at Steve Bannon on Thursday, Rush Limbaugh said, “The thing that I think everybody believes and that everybody knows is that most of the leaking that was coming out of the Trump White House was Steve Bannon”.

Bannon should be ashamed of himself for betraying his friend. His disloyalty alone will make him a pariah for many.



On Friday, Limbaugh came on much stronger as the left rallied around the caricature of the President they have created and who they say is “mentally unfit.”

Rush lives rent-free in the minds of the liberals/leftists. The left thinks they are the smartest people and anyone who disagrees is inferior, and should shut up and sit down. Rush mentioned that today.

The host pointed out that the Michael Wolff book Fire and Fury is absurd, his allegations are absurd.

“This is absurd folks,” he said. “Michael Wolff’s book. Everybody who knows Donald Trump thinks that he is unfit? 100% think Donald Trump is a moron. And describe him as a child. 100% of the people around Trump say he’s lost his mind. And this from an author who admits he’s not sure everything in his book is true and admits he said whatever he had to say to get his story which he admits is not all true.”

Rush then went on to talk about the definition of the “smartest people in the world”, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

As an example of how smart Obama is, Rush reviewed the billions of dollars Obama gave to Iran, the country building their nuclear program to destroy us. The guy trying to keep this from happening and trying to reverse this is the one who is crazy, Rush noted. He went on to a whole slew of failures by the left leadership.

There is a lot more and it’s worth listening to.

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Louis Brtrand
Louis Brtrand
6 years ago

I agree with Rush. The LEFT Media and their cheerleading for the political Democrats including corrupt pro Demo. FBI are crooked. Waiting for Congress to jail HRC as candidate promised.

6 years ago

Come On DEE DEE, Obama worked at Baskin-Robbins ice cream store. Obama also had a summertime job at a deli counter in Hawaii — making sandwiches. During one school year at Columbia, Obama was a telemarketer in midtown Manhattan selling New York Times subscriptions This makes Obama more than qualified to be president……………………….Ha ha ha ha just being Sarcastic, I wouldn’t hire Obama to pick up dog S**t in my yard !!!!!!

Dee Dee
Dee Dee
6 years ago

Obama was in Congress for only 2 years when he ran for president. He never had a real job and never helped create wealth in America. As president he spent 8 years tearing down American and fomenting racism and hatred. Hillary spooned off everyone her whole life. Most of her “friends” are either in jail or dead.

People say Trump had no experience before he became president. Really? He created thousands of jobs and made lots of people wealthy. The stock market has been on a meteoric rise since Trump got elected because people are finally optimistic that America will be great again. So all those liberal left-wing foaming-at-the-mouth idiots just need to shut up and get over it!