Big Story! Four Possible Reasons Obama Did Nothing After Russian Hacking


The Washington Post reported Friday morning that President Barack Obama knew in August Russian President Vladimir Putin was trying to get into our electoral system. The story blames Obama for doing and saying nothing.

In August, Obama was told about the “hacking”. By October, the Obama administration was certain that Russia was behind the Wikileaks dump of Democratic Party emails.

President Obama did nothing even though Hillary Clinton was getting pounded every day and the Democratic National Committee was in disarray.

Allegedly, according to the WaPo report, the cyberwar on the presidential campaign by Russia was to help Donald Trump win, yet, Obama did nothing.

The Obama administration only acknowledged the Russian hacking in December, after Hillary Clinton lost.

In the intervening months, it looks like Obama colluded with media and intelligence services to hush up the hacking story. Obama knew in August about the hacking and said nothing until mid-December.

Democrats were and are critical of Obama’s silence. He has defended his position by saying he didn’t want to compromise the election. Jeh Johnson, the former DHS secretary, reported during last week’s testimony that the administration didn’t want to have the election process questioned. That means he covered it up.

Why Obama did nothing

When the DNC computers were hacked, the FBI and DHS made little effort to even get into the DNC servers to investigate Russian meddling. Do we have any other evidence of Russian meddling? If it was so important, why didn’t anyone do anything?

Democrats are angry with Obama because they think he could have saved Hillary by doing something at the time. Why didn’t he and the intelligence services do something more?

There is more than one possibility.

First, perhaps Obama wanted Hillary to lose. That’s not a logical conclusion, however.

Secondly, maybe President Trump is right. Obama thought he’d be rocking the boat, hurting Hillary’s chances. Johnson did say the administration didn’t want the election to appear rigged.

Since August, Trump had been saying the election was rigged. Democrats, to counter their opponent, began to say he was hurting democracy by making that claim. If Obama dealt with Russia, would he have been agreeing that the election might have been rigged? It became an intense issue at one of the Hillary-Donald debates.

Then there is a third possibility. There was nothing there and the Russia hacking is a nothing burger.

Rush Limbaugh brought up a fourth option yesterday on his radio show. Obama was scared to death it could be done.

Rush Limbaugh thinks it’s a big batch of nothing insofar as Trump is concerned.

It gets curiouser remembering back when Barack Obama said he did act and Putin did stop

People are forgetting what Barack Obama said in December.

In September, Obama allegedly told Putin to “cut it out”. Obama recalled that Putin did stop. That is why he did nothing in the intervening months, he said in December.

Then, on October 31st, after having told Putin to “cut it out” in September, Obama used the red phone [currently an email system] that connects Moscow to D.C. to warn him to stop messing in our elections. The “red phone system” is used in crisis situations. He almost threatened war but held back, according to the reports.

However, that didn’t compute. At the time, the Democrats and intelligence services were floating the story that Russia did not “cut it out”. Donna Brazile, then-acting chair of the DNC, came out to clean up the story and express her disappointment in the President for not doing more.

When Obama did finally admit to the public in December that Russians were hacking, he bragged about telling Russia to “stop it”. That can’t be true if the Russia hacking stories are true. Russia didn’t stop.

“In early September, when I saw President Putin,” Barry said. “I felt the most effective way was to talk to him directly. Tell him to cut it out and there were going to be serious consequences if he didn’t,” Mr Obama said yesterday.

In December, after sending a “clear message” to Russia, Obama jetted off to Hawaii.

Trump’s take

President Trump tweeted that the administration did nothing because they thought Hillary was going to win. The Russia hacking story only became important when Trump won.

In conclusion, this is a very big story, receiving little attention in the mainstream media. Despite media neglect, the story won’t go away as the Special Counsel hires every liberal in D.C. to investigate Donald Trump. He’s even hired a Clinton Foundation lawyer.

Listen to Rush’s eye-opening analysis.

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