Russia Controls Half of America’s Projected Uranium Thanks to Bill Clinton Who Lied About It


Bill Clinton

Russia has control of up to half of America’s uranium thanks, not only to Hillary Clinton and other Obama Secretaries (unelected bureaucrats), but also thanks to Bill Clinton who brokered the original deal.

This is what happens when all the power is in the hands of unelected bureaucrats.

Bill Clinton was caught lying about it to New York Times reporter, Jo Becker.

There is no doubt that Bill Clinton lied to Ms. Becker repeatedly about the meeting and the deal which he brokered to sell the Kazakh state-owned uranium mining company Kazatomprom to Canadian millionaire Frank Giustra.

When the deal was completed, Giustra gave the Clinton Foundation $30 million dollars.

Ms. Becker said that when she first contacted Clinton’s foundation, his spokesman and Giustra denied the meeting took place.

They didn’t believe they would get caught or they didn’t think people would care. Who knows.

Ms. Becker got the truth from the head of Kazatomprom. He confirmed the meeting at Bill Clinton’s house in Chappaqua NY.

When Ms. Becker confronted the three liars, they admitted the meeting took place.

We need to ask ourselves how a foundation – this is not a charity by the way – how a foundation can enrich the Clintons. Where is their money coming from.

The Clinton Foundation does NO charitable work. It’s a launderer. Money flows through them and they decide who gets the benefit of their largesse. We also know that there have been some scandalous exposes of how the money ends up in Hillary’s campaign. Their money is intertwined with the foundation’s money.

Their foundation is a political money launderer. The Haitians aren’t fond of Bill Clinton, much of the money ended up in the pockets of their corrupt politicians and Haiti is still a disaster.

The Clintons earned $10 million a year from what appears to be connections from their foundation. Bill made $500,000 on at least one speech. We don’t know how else they made money. What do they do? We don’t know but it needs to be looked into by more than just the IG of the State Department. Congress has said they will investigate but that’s a long-term, probably useless investigation.

From what we’ve seen in the latest polls, 49% of the American public want these liars and their scandals back in the White House.

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6 years ago

All that maybe true. But brokering a deal for a Kazakh mining company seems to be a tempest in a teapot. I was expecting to see an American mining corporation offshored along the lines of so many other American companies and jobs. Imo, not a big deal.