Russia Tries to Blame Ukraine for the Concert Hall Terror Attack



Some reports say Russia has arrested eleven people in connection with the terrorist attack. Four were arrested near the Ukraine border as they tried to escape.

The FSB had been pinning the blame on Ukraine, with Russia’s Investigative Committee saying that four suspects were stopped in the Bryansk region of western Russia, “not far from the border with Ukraine,” Fox News reports.

They planned to cross the border into Ukraine and “had contacts” there, state news agency Tass said, citing Russia’s FSB.

Tass is not a reliable source.

Russian President Putin said a “window” was prepared for them to cross the northern border of Ukraine.

In his address to his nation, President Putin said in part, “They tried to escape, and they were moving towards the border with Ukraine, and we have data that suggests that they were about to be moved towards the territory of Ukraine by those in Ukraine. Our military services, our emergency services, everyone, and our investigators are working on finding out the orchestrators of this attack. Who gave them transportation, who gave them weapons, et cetera?

“The investigative authorities will do everything to identify all details of this crime.

“But it’s already evident that we face not just a cynical terrorist attack but a massive mass killing of civilians; these perpetrators, these criminals, went specifically to kill, to kill people point blank, our people, our children, just like the Nazis that once killed our people during the war.

“The orchestrators, all those who are responsible for this crime, will inevitably be found responsible. They will pay. We will identify everyone who stands behind this terrorist, and they will pay. This is a strike against Russia.

“We know what terrorist threat means, and we expect other nations that share our pain will cooperate with us, and we will stand united against this common enemy – international terrorism – no matter where it shows its ugly head. These terrorists have no nationality, and there is only one future for them: retribution and oblivion.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy denied any Ukrainian involvement before ISIS claimed responsibility.

What is worrisome is what Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said last week. How did he know about this attack, and how much warning did he give Russia privately, if any?

Our administration wouldn’t be tied to this.

We should close our borders.

The terrorist whose fate is sealed.

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