Russia moves to a US base on the border to protect the Kurds from Turkey


The U.S. has pulled out of Northern Syria and the Russian government has moved in and is patrolling between Erdogan’s forces and Assad’s.

They have taken over a U.S. base in the Syrian town of Manbij.

As WAPO reports they are moving to fill a security vacuum after U.S. troops were withdrawn from the area.

A Russian Defense Ministry statement said that military police in northwestern Manbij were patrolling “along the line of contact between the Syrian Arab Republic and Turkey.” The statement said the Russian military was also “interacting” with Turkey’s government [negotiations?].

The developments come a day after the Syrian Kurds announced that they had struck an agreement with the government of President Bashar al-Assad aimed at blunting a nearly week-long Turkish government offensive into Kurdish-held territory in northern Syria.

Would you prefer Russia take care of the Turks? We don’t need the oil over there any longer until the Democrats take over at least.

Trump signed an executive order issuing crippling sanctions against Turkey yesterday and, according to Wapo, told Erdogan to implement an immediate cease-fire.

But according to new reports, Erdogan will not comply.

Ankara said they want Syrian Kurds off the border and they want to repatriate Syrian refugees to their home country. With those goals in mind, they continue their aggression.

WaPo also reports that Turkey has proxy forces, known as the Syrian National Army, that are planning to take back Manbij.

The Turkish-backed Syrian National Army said on Tuesday that its forces had “started freeing villages” around Manbij a day earlier but had not entered the town.

This would obviously pit them against both Russian troops and the Syrian Army, which are now in Manbij according to reports.

Russians are having fun in our former base. Russia journalist Oleg Blokhin is seen “playing” with an anti-SVBIED barrier at the entrance of an abandoned US base near Manbij /Syria.

Should we have protected the Kurds longer, or forever?

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Jon Joebob
Jon Joebob
4 years ago

These Kurdish Leaders in both PKK and YPG are completely Marxists. The Kurdish People themselves there are thankful to have Turkish and Syrian Troops taking over for them. One old man crying talked of losing 8 sons to the endless wars to be drafted & serve like it or not in a Dictatorship style Terrorist Organization!

Vincent Morrie
Vincent Morrie
4 years ago

This looks great to me, Russia has been a force for peace in that area and has a real interest there. The immediate crisis there is over. Turkey should not be in NATO. NATO is a troublemaker. NATO supports the coup.

4 years ago

So long and thanks for all the fish.