Russia Secretly Moves Nuclear Assets to a Madman in Our Hemisphere


Russia sent two nuclear-capable bombers to the dangerous communist nation of Venezuela. The leaders of Venezuela can’t provide food for their people because of their policies but they can support bombers.

At the same time, our borders are wide open. Anyone who doesn’t see this as a severe security risk is not paying attention.

The range of these bombs is over 3,000 miles.

According to NBC News:

The Tu-160 can carry conventional or nuclear-tipped cruise missiles. Such bombers took part in Russia’s campaign in Syria. Code-named Blackjack by NATO, the massive warplane is capable of flying at twice the speed of sound. Russia has upgraded its Tu-160 fleet with new weapons and electronics, and it plans to produce a modernized version of the bomber, NBC News reports.

This follows a meeting between Venezuelan dictator Maduro and Russian President Putin.

Capable of carrying short-range nuclear missiles, the planes can fly over 7,500 miles without refueling and have landed in Venezuela twice before in the last decade.

Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state, reacted angrily to the deployment.

Russia doesn’t care and just said his comments were “highly undiplomatic” and “completely inappropriate.”

Russia also has secret military units in Israel and Turkey which were accidentally exposed by a mapmaker.


Russia is also heavily involved in Cuba and other countries to the south of us at the same time we have open borders.

The Democrats and their media would not allow the President to deal with or negotiate with Russia and now we have stepped up aggression with dangerous actors. They also refuse to secure the borders.

Any of these bad actors can flood our borders any time they want, and if we complain, we will be called protectionists and isolationists, xenophobes and racists. ICE has caught Russians within our borders illegally — and Venezuelans.

Now we have nuclear-capable bombers in the hands of yet another madman at our feet.

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Richard Maxson
Richard Maxson
5 years ago

A good time to reciprocate and place a couple B1’s in Ukraine.

5 years ago

I just wonder what are the odds this wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for the media and Congress going after everything Russia. And this isn’t just the left, a majority of Republicans were on the same bandwagon. It has prohibited any conversations with Russia on matters of Our concerns.

I have serious doubts about virtually Everything our Government and Media tell us about Russia. No country is pure in everything they do, including ours, but you wouldn’t know that from Congress when it comes to Russia. We always hear a great many accusations but are never ever given any proof, just words. Oh, it’s State Secrets, which Congress aren’t even privy to.

We hear about Putin and his wealthy oligarchs but I only hear “claims” of all this and no substantial proof. Of course, we are told everything Russia says is a lie. I recall when Russia decided to privatize much of their economy and allowed the US in. Are we to assume all the American companies acted with the best of intentions. More and more we find out large investors will do whatever it takes for increasing their wealth. What did those American companies do in Russia. We certainly aren’t privy to any information. What we Do know is Putin decided to make sure only Russian companies could control certain percentages and industries. Why such a sudden turnaround in Russia. One thing we do know is certain Americans were engaged in Stock Manipulation in order to buy up Russian companies on the cheap, and reap billions in the process. Browder, for one, even revealed How he did this but no one bothers to connect the dots.

I, for one, no longer trust Any Government whether its Russia, OR even our own. But Now we have Russian threats getting closer and closer. And what is Congress worried about, Russian spending, oh my, THOUSANDS on Google advertising.