Russian Foreign Minister Asks Andrea Mitchell “Who Was Bringing You Up”


Foreign Minister Lavrov and Secretary Tillerson were taking their seats for a meeting when a nasally Andrea Mitchell began shouting rudely, trying to get that first question in before they even had a chance to sit down.

Mitchell is adored by the left as one of the finest journalists, but that’s not how the rest of us see it.

Her first shout out was to Foreign Minister Lavrov, asking him about the White House and Syria. That didn’t get her anywhere so she threw one out to Secretary Tillerson about the Russians not believing the intelligence.

They should have thrown her out. Tillerson has thrown her out before.

Lavrov turned to Mitchell and asked,  “Who was bringing you up? Who was giving you your manners, you know?”

My grandmother would have said she was dragged up.

When she went to broadcast on MSNBC she bemoaned the way the State Department is being run.

She was thrown out last time by Secretary Tillerson, also over a lack of respect and decorum — her questions were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Kyle Griffin, producer for MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” showed a video of NBC chief for foreign affairs Andrea Mitchell using a press pool camera spray of Tillerson and International Atomic Energy Agency Director Yukiya Amano to ask the secretary of state about budget cuts and a deputy secretary nominee before being escorted out by staffers. They were discussing the Iranian nuclear deal.

She didn’t get an answer to her questions, one of which was, “Can you — can you assure us that Russia will not be able to move further in Ukraine? We haven’t had any time in here.”

Watch her get thrown out.

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