Russian Hysteria! “When You Meet with Any Russian,” You’re Meeting with “Putin”


Democrats won’t win elections until they move towards the center and stop the hysteria. That’s our prediction. The next three comments are a perfect example of the nuttiness that is now the Democratic Party.

Nancy Pelosi has found her cause. The woman who happily hangs out with communists and socialists for votes is suddenly worried about Russians and election integrity.

“The attack on the integrity of our elections, the security of our country. The integrity of our democracy is at stake,” she said.

Maxine’s a hypocrite

Democrat “Rock Star” Maxine Waters lives outside of the district she ruined in a $4 million plus mansion. Even CREW, the Soros group, calls her the most corrupt member of Congress. Yet, she has the audacity to call the Trump family a “criminal enterprise”.

“Thank you leader Pelosi for organizing all of us today who have taken some action in dealing with the trump family criminal enterprise. Unveil the criminal activity, the unconstitutional activity of this president and his family. So, I have dubbed them the criminal Klan a long time ago.”

This next comment is just plain stupid

Most idiotic of all is the comment from Illinois Democrat, Rep. Quigley who has serious limitations when it comes to critical thinking skills.

“I think what we’re learning with the Trump Jr. Meeting is when you meet with any Russians, you’re meeting with Russian intelligence. And, therefore, President Putin,” he said, proving any dope can win an election.

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