Russians Find a Friend in Black Lives Matter


The left has been trying to tie Donald Trump to Russia but so far all they’ve come up with are Russian trolls on the Internet, some of whom published Facebook ads, including ads promoting Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter. The ties of Russians to Black Lives Matter and other radical groups in the United States are another matter.

The Russia hysteria has led to large numbers of fake stories about Russian conspiracies. That doesn’t mean Russians haven’t infiltrated United States politics. They have and have been for decades, all aimed at causing chaos and division by exploiting our weaknesses.

Employees of Russia Today (RT) detailed how they were required to push the communist Occupy movement all the time to show that America was in chaos. An anchor even quit over it, when she realized the propaganda that she was pitching.

Russians have also been involved in movements in Ferguson and Black Lives Matter, where America is portrayed as racist, mistreating people of color.

There is evidence the Russians helped fund anti-fracking groups in the US and records from 2010 and 2011 reveal Russia may have funded U.S.-based environmental groups, 10 of which are also backed by liberal billionaire George Soros.

Charlotte rally funded by Russia

WBTV reported that the Russian troll farm suspected of trying to disrupt U.S. elections last year apparently infiltrated Charlotte during racial protests last year, BuzzFeed News reports.

A St. Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency recruited U.S. activists to help stage protests in order to help divide the nation ahead of the 2016 elections.

Conrad James of the Raleigh nonprofit Living Ultra-Violet was among four activists who told BuzzFeed they never suspected they were being recruited by the Russians.

They are a natural fit since a reading of the objectives of Black Lives Matter on their national site is pure Marxist ideology.

James told the news site he was contacted by BlackMattersUS, an outlet tied to the Russian troll farm.

“I thought it was a knockoff of Black Lives Matter,” James told BuzzFeed, but its website appeared legitimate.

To make a long story short, they gave James a bank card for microphones and loudspeakers for the rally and permits for the event.


There are more details on the link, but in the end, James said he was very angry when he learned about the troll farm, “they were using black culture here in America as a springboard for a divisive tactic and strategy.”

That’s nice but what does he think Black Lives Matter does? Founded on the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” lie, it’s been a catalyst for hate, violence and division. They speak of injustice keeping minorities from having the same opportunities as Whites which is nonsense. People of color can do anything Whites can do, but the narrative fits Russia’s agenda.



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