Russia’s Not the Biggest Threat to Our REPUBLIC, California Is

Russia’s the BIGGEST threat?

The politicians are so very worried about Russia corrupting elections, so please tell me why they aren’t worried about California. Communists and Socialists are stealing elections. In the California system, no one can or will check for voter fraud. It’s literally impossible.

Orange County, a conservative area of California, turned deep blue this mid-term. Much of the change resulted from ballot harvesting, but there is so much more to know. For instance, according to the tallies, one district had more than 120 percent show up to vote.

Ballot harvesting accounted in part for the loss of Orange County and districts elsewhere in the United States. Thanks to a new bill signed in 2016 by former (leftist) Governor Jerry Brown, ballot harvesting is now in place in California and it greatly facilitates rampant voter fraud.

California’s AB 1921 allows voters to give any third party — not just a relative or someone living in the same household, as was previously the law — to collect and turn in anyone else’s completed ballot.


Orange County released its official vote count on Monday and it doesn’t make sense. How realistic is it that every Democrat voted?

In district 38083, 120.65% turned out to vote. People are voting out of district and that could be one explanation.

In Sacramento, everyone mailed in a ballot and everyone can vote anywhere.

Next up are the most offensive rules! You can pay people per vote! And no one is allowed to ask a voter if they are citizens!

Alex Padilla

The shady secretary of state, open borders Padilla, responded snidely to Ryan’s concerns about the extraordinary election results in California. Weeks after Republicans won their elections, thousands of votes were turned in, handing the elections to Democrats. Young Kim was the most extreme case. Kim was ahead by 8,000 votes and lost two weeks later. Ryan said it was “bizarre”.

They just keep handing in ballots until they win.

The arrogant Mr. Padilla responded to Ryan’s concerns. “It is bizarre that Paul Ryan cannot grasp basic voting rights protections. It shouldn’t ‘defy logic’ that elections officials are meticulous in counting every eligible ballot. California works to ensure every ballot is counted properly and every ballot is accounted for. In the most populous state in the nation — and the state with the largest number of registered voters — that takes time.” [They also have everyone registered automatically when they acquire or renew driver’s licenses including illegal aliens who are not sorted out.]

This is the key statement:

“In California,” he continued, “we believe in an inclusive and accessible democracy [It’s not a DEMOCRACY, it’s a REPUBLIC]. We provide voters as many opportunities as possible to cast their ballots. That is why we have no excuse vote by mail, automatic voter registration, same-day registration, and early voting. These reforms helped drive California’s historic registration and 30-year high in midterm turnout. I stand with the thousands of elections officials and volunteers throughout the state who continue to work around the clock to ensure the accuracy and integrity of our elections.”

They are ensuring voter fraud.

The amazing Rosie’s Memos exposed this fraud and you can follow the threads for more information:




  1. I’ve never seen so much voter fraud in this state and it’s orchestrated by the Democrat Party of California in alliance with Soros funded radical leftist organizations. A RICO investigation of Democrat voter corruption needs to be done in this state and we need to return to paper ballots completed at designated polls with absentee only used for military, ex-pat, and the disabled. Voter ID should be a requirement too.

    • Russia, barring outright nuclear war, could NEVER do the type of damage California, Florida, Georgia et al are capable of/and are doing – with the “ballot(?)”…The corruption is blatant and “in your face”…yup! It was said that the USA could not be beat militarily and could only fall through traitorous actions – and these actions are well underway!!!

  2. Why no push back from California republicans? This was pretty brazen and only a bunch of wimps would accept the election results without a fight. Would you rather live on your knees or die on your feet?

  3. Please report accurate information not rumour. There may be real problems but you don’t help us find them by making unsupported accusations. I see no proof the claim that 100% of the democrats voted.
    Total Registered Voters 1,558,988
    Total Ballots Cast 1,106,729 71.0%
    DEM 527,798
    REP 543,760
    No party 435,748

      • What about fixing your mistake then?

        And what about this? “In district 38083, 120.65% turned out to vote. People are voting out of district and that could be one explanation.” What is district 38083 and 120%? Is that very wrong too? You and infowars are making fools of people sharing this.

        • I did and it was close to reality. You’re the one with bad documentation. If you look at the links, you will find that the 120.65% is absolutely correct. As for Infowars, I know nothing about the site. Go back to Daily Kos, please. This site isn’t for lefties.

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